Monday, February 28, 2011


Howdy from the land of spring cleaning chores and long To Do Lists!

I had a comment on a recent post and was told he was glad he played a part in my journey.This got me to thinking about how we all play a part in others journeys.

Our roles influence other's lives both negatively and positively, and largely without us even realizing it.We go thru our lives just a shitting and a flying and we miss most of the stuff we do along the way.

Reminds of a speech I heard from a man that was veteran of 25 years on the New Orleans SWAT team--turned motivational speaker. His father had killed his self when this man was 12 or 13.Both his sisters had died of drug related issues and his mother had lost her senses by the time he was 14 (no wonder)and was in an institution. When he was in high school he said he "was an angry teenager" (go figure).Then he met a teacher that got him involved in a drama class of all things.

This man survived all this crap and a career in law enforcement, married,raised two daughters. He attended his 30th. high school reunion solely to look up this drama teacher and thank him and tell him how he had saved this man's life. He did just that and after he poured his heart out to this old teacher ,the teacher looked at him and told him he was welcome and the teacher was glad he turned out so well. Then the teacher asked him who he was!He did not remember him!

The point here is ---even without realizing it the teacher had made an impression that was positive and "saved" another person.Or did he?

I think this man "saved" his self, but the teacher planted the seed and made the contribution that allowed this man to grow his seed in a positive environment.

Thus back to my journey. While I may not agree with every thing Muata,John, Dr.J, Tony,Gwene or Randy ( or the other 100s)write about, I have been "saved" by something each have written or said.In the end it is up to me but all of us contribute to everyone we come in contact with. We never know when we say something that hits home with someone.

Just stop and think how powerful our actions can be.With one sentence, one act we can push someone over a cliff or lift them out of a stinking hole of depression.We contribute to everyone we encounter----watch what ya say!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Money may not buy happiness, but it makes dealing with misery a little easier.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Howdy from the land of halibut steaks and grilled shrimp!

Saturday I'm gonna make my squeeze Janet some grilled shrimp and halibut steaks out at the Wet Back Shack. Couple of friends may join us as the weather is suppose to be nice. We are also gonna baby sit Little Man Kolt so Mom can be chaperon at a school dance.

It is no secrete that I read several different weight loss blogs and web sites. I find the info interesting and the success stories inspiring.A lot of the blogs written by folks that have been successful are there for two reasons.

One reason is to encourage other people to find a way to take control of their health and well being and loose some fat.There are millions of us that struggle to take that first step and continue to struggle against all the odds when the steps get hard.The help that these bloggers give other people is heart felt and totally free.Many times they will tell perfect strangers---folks they will likely never meet, details of their lives that they won't tell their family or friends.WHY?
For me , it is because I know how hard it is to make good choices after decades of poor ones. I also know first hand how it feels to be morbidly obese and what comes along with that. I know how it makes you feel to feel you should stand up when your feet and knees are killing you because you are afraid the lawn chair may break if you sit in it.Or how bad it makes you feel deep down when someone makes a comment about being fat---yea yea yea,You are good at covering it up but that don't mean it doesn't make you feel like shit.I realize how it feels to look in the mirror or pant when trying to tie your shoes.I know all too well how Obesity feels and that there is No One to blame but me.I know all too well that No One can change this situation but ME ( and that my friend is scary).

The second reason we blog, is for many of us, it is good therapy.The writing down of our thoughts and successes and sometimes our failures gives us something to measure. It puts it in real life and makes us think of ways to do better. When we receive a comment from someone (especially ones we have never met) we realize we are not alone. We begin to understand there are other people with issues just like us and together we can move forward toward better health.

The bloggers are from all walks of life.We each approach this issue with different experiences and hurdles.Each bearing our on cross, so to speak.By our varied nature and up bringing we give different analogies based on our lives. Some of us use the examples of the Teacher, how kick boxing fits into the fat loss methods,or how a surgeon can to relate to the common person. Some are very good writers while some of us just struggle along with our thoughts and a few mis-spelled words. My point is there is a lot of help out there and we should all try to help someone we see struggling with Obesity.

The trick is how we help others and not seem to be constantly up on out soap box.The best way I think today is thru our writings, our examples,our analogies,our free encouragement, our honest approach of our own fat loss and YES even our bull shit country boy Pearls of Wisdom. But help others we should, they need it and more importantly WE need to help.

I received a comment from Dr.J on my last post.I would like to meet him some day, maybe take a ride in his plane. Anyway, his last post is one everyone should read. Go to Calorielab and check it out. Ask yourself what floor you are on.Ask yourself what floor your friend,spouse ,child,co-worker is on.

I was going up the elevator between floor 4 and 5.

Thanks to the bloggers and the support of family I can look at some folks that need real help and encouragement and say "There by the Grace of God go I".

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Best way to show someone they can is by showing them you can.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Be reasonable--do it my way

Howdy from the land of non-believers and folks that just want to argue!

Man oh man, I came in from my walk in the cold north wind and two co-workers told be I was "dedicated", I told them nope I'm "committed". I told them to remember about breakfast---you know---bacon and eggs. The chicken is dedicated the hog is committed.

Well, that conversation led to what combination(s) of food are needed to lose weight.This is where I got myself in trouble.I told them I did not think it made any difference what you eat , it all boiled down to King Calorie.Man, did I get in trouble!I went from being Dedicated to being Dumb and moved on to being on my soap box.

SOAP BOX ? Really? Me?

Then, I really got into deep dodo----I said well I guess maybe I am wrong but if ya want to bet I'll put ya on the Wild Bill Walking Track Snickers Diet.This plan is where you can eat one large Snickers candy bar for breakfast , lunch and supper.Also you can have all the water you want along with a multi vitamin. We'll walk each day at lunch --rain or shine-- for two weeks. If you don't lose weight in two weeks the program cost is free!!

They said no way. They also said something about me being crazy while on my soap box. SOAP BOX? Really?

I finally had to throw a jab at them and tell them I guess they were right, I could tell from looking at them , there plan was really working----then I got the hell out of there!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer belly and still think
they are sexy.