Friday, August 26, 2011


Howdy from the land of small increases and upcoming rat killings!

One week from now my good buddy Putt's daughter is getting married (a rat killing in hick terms)and yours truly is doing the cooking on The Cowboy Commissary pit.I'll see about posting a pic. I am getting excited.I plan on making the bridal party a Peach Cobbler in the dutch oven as a surprise.

I have been making small increases to my calorie burning routine. Today I think I will ride 5 miles at lunch instead of 3.The bike riding has been helping quite a good bit.I am hoping starting next week I can increase every 3-4 days until I am back where I was before the repair work.

Yesterday I was visiting with a co-worker that had a gastric band put in her, the same time I had my knee replaced. She is losing a good bit of weight and is real happy with the outcome. I mentioned some of the problems I have at times making good choices with food and she said "You know Bill food is our CRACK".I guess to varying degrees that is correct. I read as much as I can about food addictions and I believe there is a reason(s) I crave sugar and carbs.

Now I have said before I am no doctor or a scientist and if you read enough you can find any study and outcome you want.I tend to think on a simpler level.I think we are a product of our raising. What we are trained to do as a child carries us along throughout our lives.I was trained as a child to eat everything and clean up my plate. Sugar of any kind was a reward and something special. It still is---training accomplished.

I also tend to believe that some cravings are brought on by mineral and supplemental deficiencies.We are after all just another animal on this planet.All animals seek out minerals and supplements their bodies need.

Finally, the main difference between us FOLKS and the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to think and reason---which gets us into all kinds of fun and trouble.If you think I am wrong, show me one animal that is a crackhead---on any drug. In the animal world this just does not happen on a routine basis.

Now I know there are some real smart people out there that have spent years researching this problem.The solution is simple Eat Less Move More. The problem is, as an individual I have to find a method that will work for a life time , being I am a Crackhead.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Look up at the sky, quit looking at the dirt, you'll feel it when you step in the manure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peddle pusher

Howdy from the land of dying trees and dying hopes!

Lots of folks around here have given up on hoping it will rain. I am sure it will rain someday and get back to normal, but right now it is heart breaking to look at the land and rivers. At the same time ,It is heart warming to look at the grim determination on the faces of the ranchers in my area. You think you got something to bitch about??Try tying your livelihood to whether you can get 3" of rain in the next 30 days OR selling out.

I went to the track at lunch today and rode my bike 3 miles. I felt like I could have done 5 but I will know more about that tonight.It did feel good to get back on the track at lunch. I am really pushing to get back in the routine because I do better when I have a routine.

I will wait and see what the evening brings, as far as sore tendons and muscles but I do plan on riding 3 miles each day this week and increasing next to 5---maybe.I have been climbing one flight of stairs each day and I can almost get up and down without using a hand---yipee! When I am hands free , I am climbing two flights.

See ya down the road.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
When it begins to rain, don't holler STOP---I'll open up a Witchhazel Bottle of Whup Ass on ya!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be inspired!

Howdy from the land of sore tendons and baby steps!

Yep , I found some more tendons this week.I have gotten in 2 days of walking a mile and 1 day of exercise biking.Baby steps are teaching me a little patience.A MER I CAN!

It seems like every time I need a little inspiration I find some---just like a blind hog will sometimes find an acorn!I was reading on The antijarred blog about a feller named Sean Anderson from Oklahoma.He has lost 275 pounds!! Damn!

His site is titled "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser".Check him out. He is also coming out with a book.He writes really well.The most important point I got from a few minutes on site blog---he found a method that worked for him.

Check him out , be inspired , you are worth the effort.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Quit whining and just go out and do it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Walked a mile in my shoes

Howdy from the land of empty pastures and over flowing sale barns!

I read last week the momma cow herds in Texas,Oklahoma and New Mexico are at the same level they were at the end of the seven year drought in 1957.I am here to tell ya, you had better like chicken because beef is gonna be way too expensive to eat.

Pray for rain.

Today is 9 weeks from my knee retrofit and yesterday I went to the track. I walked a mile (no vest).I did this after walking up the staircase twice. At 1/4 mile my legs felt good. At 1/2 mile I was sweating.At 3/4 mile my thigh was burning and at the end ---I WAS POOPED!But I made it!

This morning, I can feel a little soreness in my leg, mostly in the mid-thigh. And my lower calf is real tight.

I will see how the morning goes but I hope to continue to walk a mile this week and next while gradually adding some exercise bike to the mix.

Pray for rain.

I have a short range goal for this month---I am cooking for my friend PUTT's daughter's wedding on Sept. 3 and I sure would like to be able to dance a few sets with my squeeze, Janet. Now that is a GOAL worth pushing for.

Pray for rain.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Don't go thru life with a worried mind.