Thursday, April 29, 2010

Choices--damn choices

Howdy from the land of flat tires and root canals!

This post will be short and sweet.

Muata has an inspirational quote on his site everyday. I read it everyday.
Today it hits the nail on the head.

"there are two primary CHOICES in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them" Dr. Denis Waitley---damn choices weigh a lot when you are the only one that can carry them, but they can be carried if you get in better shape.

Tomorrow is scale day.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
ADVENTURE usually means you used poor judgement but ya survived.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Scale back week

Howdy from the land of shredding weeds and burning brush!

The past two years of drought ,2008&9, really made a mess of south Texas. I have dozens of dead or dieing post oak trees around the place.And weeds----I GOT weeds!

Yes, this week I get my scale back. Friday morning I am gonna see what I did the month of April. I will have to admit I am really nervous about the outcome.I don't really know why it concerns me so much but it does.I have gotten in some good exercise and added a few reps to each of my BWEs. All in all I feel stronger now so I guess I'll just let the chips fall where they may.

I think part of the reason Friday's weigh-in makes me antsy is I still really need the gauge of the scale to tell me I am still moving in the right direction.

I have learned one thing for sure this month---I ain't as grown up and mature about this journey as I thought I was. I still got to SEE some results to accept the results as FACT.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
Ya can't shit an old shitter.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beginning to worry

Howdy from the land of worried grasshoppers and silent mentors!

Muata has been "off the air" for 2-3 weeks now and I am beginning to worry. I hope nothing bad has taken place in his world. I trust everything is just fine and he needed a break from the grind. But none the less, I miss his up beat words of wisdom and encouragement.It is always good to hear him talk common sense about fat loss and weight management.

It is strange to me how I need to hear those words of support to help keep my wagon tongue pointed at my north star.

Anyways, if anyone sees Muata tell him I hope all is well as it can be living in the land of "fruits , flakes and nuts"----LOL.

Pearl of wisdom from the mind of WEL
Count your blessings, count them one by one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I talk when I walk

Howdy from the land of knee high corn and night time June bugs!

Yep, when I walk I talk.I can surely solve most of the world's problem , fix everyone else' issues , spend every dime of a 51 million dollar lotto jackpot BUT I still can't quite determine why I still have trouble passing up a hot biscuit.

I talk to myself while I walk. I talk about how my knees feel and how much the wind is blowing. I try and recite a poem of Red's. Sometimes I talk about mistakes I have made or what I should have said to someone but didn't.All in all, some of my best thinking I do while I am talking.

Some of my best talking I do while I am walking. I get asked why I don't use an IPOD while I walk, like the joggers do. I tell them I could but then I couldn't hear myself think---they look at me like I am strange.

The best think I have discovered about talking and walking is the WALKING. I am really getting to look forward to my walks.

I'll think I'll go out and talk to myself, come with me ----just keep your mouth shut , if ya don't agree with my thinking.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Quit worrying about the mules, your job is to load the wagon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am proud

Howdy from the land of thunder clouds and forgetful minds!!

Man I am getting so damn old I can't remember what day of the week it is unless I write it on a list. My momma says , it starts a little earlier with every generation.I think it does. I went to Mac house on Sunday to get the riding mower and stopped to get gas and discovered I had forgot to bring the trailer-----oh well, change in plans!! I am nothing but adaptable.

Been thinking of a line in one of Red's poems, goes something like this:

If yer not proud of who you are
you won't amount to much

You'll bounce around from job to job
just slightly out of touch

Now there is a whole lot of truth in those lines. And I can look at myself and see some of my life buried underneath those lines.

I am proud of myself. I am proud I have picked good examples of people to use as role models.I am proud I have pushed people that have negative influences on me to the side and moved on.I am proud I have a family to love and a wife that loves me.I am proud of my kids and the paths they walk.I am also proud that I have found MY PATH in losing some fat and getting myself stronger after many years of not taking much pride in myself.

Now I emphasize MY PATH because I had to look and research and massage the method that would work for me in my fat loss journey. Each of us has to find our path. Each of us can find what will give us pride and self respect if we only search long enough, if we never give up.

My fat loss journey is no different than any one's life----each life will find barriers and obstacles in our way. We will have things and people that get in our way or do not conform with what we envisioned. We will have to adjust , we will have to build a bridge and get over the river. We will have to take pride in our self and say "let's try this and work toward a better place".

I am proud I gnawed on this bone until I found a path to walk on. I truly hope each one of you take enough pride in yourself to see the good things you have done and the good decisions you have made.My desire is for each of you to find a method to succeed and a positive path to follow in getting around barriers we face.

Endeavor to persevere.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Don't forget the mistakes ya make, don't dwell on them either.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Second week no scale

Howdy from the land of quiet yards and mowing weeds!

Well , Mac got Ike the "INTENSE DOG" and they left for OKC. The yard is quiet again and Hoppy is resting now that the little monster is gone. No shortage of weeds to mow in the quiet yard----but that is just one more reason to move.

This week the urge to weigh is not as bad as last week. I do find myself trying to see if my jeans are loser though.

Moved quite a bit this weekend and got several things complete.

I think I will start increasing my BWE a little each week, not much, just maybe 2 push ups or 5 bicycle crunches.Just enough to keep pushing myself along.I have been adding one or two days each week where I walk 3 1/2 miles at lunch instead of 2 1/2. I can really tell when I do that by the way my knees complain.They really sound off when they get more work than normal.

I'll keep moving and working until the cows come home and see where I am at then.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
If a man lay down in the gutter and died, would it be sewerside??

Friday, April 9, 2010

I miss my scale

Howdy from the land of barking dogs and waking up toad frogs!

The toads are coming out at night. That means the ground is getting warm.

This week has been a busy one. I have been doing mountains of paperwork, walking, BWEs, lifting my dumb bells, mowing weeds. My old knees are creaking and popping.

I have really missed getting on the scale to see where I'm at. It makes me nervous that I can't tell where I am at. I think I am doing OK but that damn scale has become quite a pacifier.

Well I got to go, got another sour grape person hear to see me.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Ron White is right----ya can't fix stupid!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jump on, jump off

Howdy from the land of blooming post oaks and messy patios!

Spring is HERE! The post oak trees started blooming this weekend and they really make a mess. Yellow pollen everywhere.

Well, true to form , and being the creature of habit that I am---first thing I did this morning was get out of bed and jump on the scale. Then sparks went off inside my head and I jumped back off before all the wheels were finished in the scale.

I really had a hard time not getting back on the scale , just to see how the weekend "bounce" went. Hahaha---mind games!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
When you get to feeling you are real smart, try bossing someone Else's cat around.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Set the clock

Howdy from the land of jet setters and bull shitters!

Well, this morning I set the clock on the April Mind Game. Tic Toc the game is locked.

I bottomed out the scale at 217.2

My lowest weight has been 214.9 and I have been floating around 216-220 for a few weeks and gaining some muscle mass in the process.

But here I go---30 days no scale.

I will let ya know how it goes.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
If it smeels like cow poop and looks like cow poop and taste kinda like cow poop----it is probably COW POOP