Monday, January 30, 2012

Full speed ahead

Howdy from the land of green clover and blue bonnets!

From the looks of things we will have a bumper crop of weeds and blue bonnets this year. We generally have lots of blue bonnets ( and wild flowers in general) when you have a extremely dry fall and a few showers during the winter.

The Doctor says go get em! Yep, he said I am OK to do what ever I want. He also said if I do TOO MUCH then I should not have wanted to do that much!Yes sir, the man just cracks me up.

He told me my program ,the PT set up,looked fine and I could walk the track and ride my bike whenever I feel strong enough. Yippee, here I go!

I am looking at doing my program at the Healthplex 3 mornings and walking at lunch across the street. I may try riding a couple laps next week as I rode my bike a little yesterday and it was a little painful on the outside of my knee.

All in all, I think I am ready to get on with my journey and see what is beyond the next hill.Honk, when you see me and I'll give ya a wave.

Although, 2011 was a challenge for my journey I have kept the journey in mind. Now I could have done better since last June but I guess I could have done worse.By far the most important thing I have done was not just flat ass given up. No sir, set back maybe, give up nope.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Don't sweat the petty things and really don't pet the sweaty things!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Howdy from the land of household projects and sore muscles!

I graduated from Physical Therapy and have moved upstairs to some weight machines. I am gonna be using these machine and the program the PT set up for me to get both quads back in good shape.Today was the first day and I can tell I will be a little sore tonight.

Hopefully,I will be cleared to ride my bike next week.If so,I'll ride at lunch and do my little program three mornings before work.

There has been much discussion in the news about Paula Dean and her health issues.Surely, it comes as no surprise that she would develop Diabetes.I guess everyone is upset that she did not tell the "public" about her issues earlier and change her menus that same day.Does not surprise me she did neither.To me, it doesn't matter.I can't save Paula and she can't save me.I would not ride to where she lives to eat at her joint, I just can't seeing needing 23 recipes for Sweet Potatoes!

Call me a cynic but I don't trust most folks in the news, on radio or on TV.I find most all of them are promoting themselves to make a buck regardless of good common sense. Paula is like Charles Barkley, rich? yes,driven? yes,a role model? NO

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Want a role model, ya should have known my Grandpa

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sad day?Not really

Howdy from the land of hiding out cows and baby calves!

Man, it never ceases to amaze me how a 1000 pound cow can hide so well in the brush at calving time. Best thing about this hide and seek session is the exercise I'm getting!

Well, last week I read a post from the Guru--Muata. He posted his first and his LAST post for 2012!Damn, I did not want to see that one coming. I have gained so much from his site and his writing.The bottom line on his journey is (my opinion)he started his journey and spent countless hours working toward his goal and writing about his journey. Some of these hours spent have cost a hefty price.But allas his goals were mostly met.Or at least the important goals were met and others were deemed not as important.

Now Muata is in CONTROL,he is a MAINTAINER, he is living life free of a huge burden.He has been there and done that. I am thrilled he has shared his trip. I am sad he is moving on.I am proud I found his site.I long to reach his level--a MAINTAINER!

One of my long term goals is to shake his hand someday for his ripples have spread a long way.

Now he is on to new goals and adventures.One I just can't understand ---growing vegetables hydroponically---they must not have dirt where he lives---LOL.

For my Buddy--I tip my hat!

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
You don't want to know, ya better not ask.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rain and work

Howdy from the land of RAIN and going back to work!

Damn I sure get bored easy.So I decided to return to work. The knee retrofit went well. This one is 2 weeks ahead of my first one, more swelling but not near as much pain.My range of motion is really good for this stage.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year turn over. We had a swell time at Ezzell in spite of my limping around and folks having to wait on me.

I have some PT to do the rest of the month but I hope to turn to riding my bike around the month's end.

See ya down the road!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
When ya have a nerve block in place , go ahead and get them to hook up the morphine drip because that damn nerve block wears off faster than shit going through a goose.