Monday, November 30, 2009


Howdy from the land of turkey bones and empty stuffing bowls!!

Damn we had a fine Thanksgiving dinner!We went to Momma's house and had a good time. I hope everyone out there had a grand time also, because you deserve to have one too.

Well, me and my main gal ,Janet, went to Wyoming on a little vacation. We saw a few elk, too few, and some sights like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument.

I had decided I was getting really tired of practicing and being calorie deficient and would take a week off.Somehow, in making this decision I turned on a detour that almost got out of hand.It is so easy for me to eat , mindlessly.I would do "ok" at meal time, but between the meals, just graze.

Well anyway, I jumped a few pounds over this period and I hope I got it out of my system.I am back to my routine and I will have to agree with John Z.----I think I like my routine because I don't have to think too much.

One thing I noticed today ,while on my Full Pak Trak at lunch, is that my walking and BWE are more permanent improvements than my eating habits/cravings. I have not worn my 32 pound vest in 10 days and it was not difficult today to get right back in the groove. Tomorrow I will add 2 more pounds for a total of 34.The "move more" part of my journey is easier for me than the eat less part.

That really makes me wonder what the war will be like after I have won the battle of the fat loss-----will I be able to maintain where I have fought to get to?I guess I will just have to pluck that chicken when I get to it.

Also, one more motivational piece of news is , I am gonna be a Grandpa!Yep, Tessa is gonna have a young'un.Things will get to jumping around here when that happens---yippee!!

Pearls of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
Don't say you ain't gonna, say you don't wanta----that is a damn sight easier to take back.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I must be part cow

Howdy from the land of stepped on toes and pulled on hearts!

I think a lot of animals, most of them are really neat things to watch.I have been around cows most of my life and come to realize they are really dumb creatures.If ya watch a cow all they seem to do is sleep and graze----with a little poop in between.

Well I can get into that grove too.It is easy for me to lose sight of my road map and switch into the GRAZING MODE.We had company this week and I got right into the grazing routine and a little poop too.Eat a little of this and some of that then A LITTLE MORE OF THIS!

I have said before I like my routine and I do.I have been giving some thought as to WHY I like my routine?? Muata always said we need to find the answers to WHY we eat like we do and WHY we have the habits we have.

I can tell ya I can't afford one of those psycho doctors to talk me into those answers, so I guess I have to sort them out on my own.

Some of my thoughts on WHY---
1.I think I like my routine because it is easier than having to deal with the problem I have with food.
2.I think I can slip into the grazing mode so easily because of 40 years of habits and the fact that I got some issues with food.

Now I don't know whether my issues with food come from being left out in the rain as a kid or maybe being feed too much Spam and Cream-o-wheat as a child, but it more than likely comes from the fact that I tend to be lazy around food. Not lazy-lazy but into too much of a rush ---let's eat a bunch real quick and get the hell out of here and do something else fun---lazy.

But , one thing I know for sure, thinking about this WHY I GRAZE THING is getting me worried-----worried I will not be able to maintain the life style I need when I get to the end of my journey-----OR------will I ever get to the end??

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Hug somebody, it might be the last chance you ever get.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life is a roll of the dice

Howdy from the land of sad news and happy trails!

Well today I got some sad news.Makes you put things into perspective when you get news that ain't good.It seems we all run thru life in such a hurry and miss so much of the stuff we really ought to remember.

Cousin Betty, has the Big C.The outcome is bleak.

She has always been a fine example of a truly fine person.Always positive, always smiling, always complimenting others, always considerate. She enjoys her flowers, her children, her grandchildren, her husband, fishing---hell I don't know anything she doesn't enjoy because she surrounds herself with the things she loves and spends no time wasted in things she doesn't.

But like the line in the song says,"ain't nobody getting out of this world alive".I think the best we can hope for is to roll the dice. We should look forward to the roll not the number we get. The end of the trip is not as important as the trip itself. Once we have let a day slip by it is gone and we don't get it back.

As my fat loss trip progresses and moves down the road, I am moved to try and make more of each day. Sometimes, I think I need to get this done because if something happened to me it will be complete and SOMETIMES I think it needs to be done because I CAN do it and then I can look back and say----damn that was fun and it is done.

If you think you got troubles, quit your whining and pick up the dice and ROLL EM!If ya don't like that number , pick them up and ROLL EM again!

Each of us can TRY, that is all we can ask of ourselves.

Hang in there Betty , I am thinking of you while we roll the dice.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL

If you don't like this horse find one that your saddle will fit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our most important job

Howdy from the land of new crop pecans and approaching holidays!

We have a lot of jobs during our lives. Both paid and un-paid jobs keep us busy throughout our lives. If we are lucky some of these jobs are rewarding , both monetarily and emotionally. Some of us like some of our jobs and others of us are not satisfied with our jobs. And some folks just down right hate their jobs.

We choose our jobs for various reasons and some are quite a surprise when reality hits us right between the eyes and the new wears off.

It never ceases to amaze me how grown up adults can get theirselves into such a damn mess with some of their jobs. Now I ain't just talking about the job that pays the light bill or buys the cheeseburgers. I got other jobs as well. Like trying to be a husband and father, being a neighbor , helping the guy broke down on the road, being part of a club, maybe just being a friend.These are all jobs we have in life as a participant of our world. Like it or not some of us do some of these jobs better than others.But all of us do something better than someone else!

One job a lot of us over look is the job of improving ourself. Not just being a better friend, more attentive husband,or a better committee member.But improving our self as a person as a living , breathing , healthy member of this planet.

I have always said , I can not save the world, I have my hands full trying to save myself. Well, if this is true , then it is a damn good thing I started down this road in July '08.

In my mind , my most important job is taking care of me.Getting healthy, making better choices and getting stronger.If I can not accomplish this job, how can I hope to accomplish any of the other jobs I have. AND REST ASSURED, HAVING PLENTY OF JOBS IS A WONDERFUL THING, the man with nothing to do is a poor soul indeed.

Man told me when I was young----"if you don't like yourself, why should anyone else like you?". Makes sense now----if I don't like myself enough to get fit and get healthy then why should someone else care about me.

I told my kids , over and over again when they were young JUST DO YOUR PART. I am sure they got sick of hearing that. But what is sad, is I wasn't doing MY PART.

Yep, I got an important job, a tough row to hoe, but I'm working on it and you can too. See ya down the road.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
Sometimes doing a good job around here is liking wetting yer pants with dark slacks on---gives you a warm feeling but no one really notices.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dumb ass

Howdy from the land of hole digging dogs and night hopping toad frogs!

Well , now I had a feller call me a dumb ass.Now I ain't got thin skin and don't really mind when folks use me to get up on their soap box, but, sometimes I just want to tell people to kiss my ass----and I did.

Saw I guy the other day in the office , we talked and he asked how much weight I'd lost. The usual topics came up---how much do you eat, what do you eat, did you have surgery,how much do you go to the gym?

Then he said , "well I think you are a dumb ass,you lost all that weight and then you wear that weighted vest to walk in. That is going to wreck your knees".

So I told him I had lost 90+ pounds and was carrying 32 pounds. So I don't think my knees are going to get worse by walking with 60 net pounds less than I walked a year ago. And he said that is just dumb and your a dumb ass if you think that is the way it works.

Now I'll admit I am a long way from being a real smart guy and damn sure not a doctor, but I don't think I am a total dumb ass either-------but then it happened---yep the words got right about an inch below my chin and I tried (not real hard) to swallow----but they came on out----- So I said it did not really matter what he thought , it only mattered what I thought and he could kiss my ass.

Now I should not have said that and it should not really matter what he thought of my method of losing fat.I should have made my point in a better manner. My point being----the method I am using is mine, not yours. If you want to find a smarter way to lose fat, go for it. If you have a better method than me great, we are not in a contest.My method is constantly changing because I am constantly changing.

If you want to join me on the fat loss highway , get a method, set a goal, think positive, have some patience and endeavor to persevere.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
You may win the rat race, but you'll still be just a rat.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get it, solid work

Howdy from the land of cloudless blue skies and Janet's chocolate pies!!

Now I am hard of hearing, yep, I can tell ya some folks are hard to understand.So everyday when I walk at lunch , everyone either waves are says howdy and some folks wonder why I walk by myself. I kinda like it by myself because I am either huffing and puffing OR trying to hear what folks talk about.

They usually talk about crap I don't want to listen to,so it is better for me to listen to the wind and not wonder if I said "yea you are right" when someone said something like "hell I would like to kick yer butt".

It is better to just walk and enjoy the quiet.However there are a couple of the runners that always say the same thing to me and loud enough so I can understand---Andy always says ---hi there Bill, we got a good day today
Michael always says---let's get it and I always reply---Solid Work
Angie always says ---HEEEY

I like these folks because rain or shine, hot or cold,they let me know I can walk my walk and it is good for me. They are more encouragement than they will ever realize.I like seeing them on the track and they seem to like seeing me. Others I see look like they are not having a good time, but these folks really seem to enjoy their selves.

Me,I enjoy my walks. Even with the aches and pains it is good. AND, I can solve a lot of the worlds problems in 45 minutes on the Full Pak Trak---LOL

Let's get it.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Eagles may soar , but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I keep adding weight

Howdy from the land of cat squirrels and ruby throated hummingbirds!

Yep I added two pounds today.

If you recall back in January I started walking around the track at lunch with my old back pack carrying 20 pounds of sand. Well, that went well, and I got the big head and jumped to 30 pounds in February. That was a mistake, too much too soon.

I soon got some back and hip issues and had to back way off.It took me a couple of months to get straightened out.

In April I bought a weighted vest at Academy and put 20 pounds in it. It will go up to 40 pounds. It has a lot more balance than the old back pack.

I have been adding 2 pounds each month as I get use to it and today I added 2 more pounds. I am now carrying 32 pounds. The first day I increase the weight , I really can't tell the difference but by Friday of that week I can tell my legs are getting a different workout.

It is strange to me that I carry around 33% of the weight I have lost for an hour and FEEL it. I don't think there is any way I could carry a full 90 pounds but eighteen months ago I did. Maybe when I get to the stop sign , on my fat loss highway, I'll find me a pack and get Mac to load me up with the full amount I have lost and see if I can carry it.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
If it looks like cow manure and smells like cow manure, safe bet is don't taste it---it is more than likely cow manure.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My routine is better

Howdy from the land of wet sand and falling leaves!

Well I weighed in this morning at 218.0.Monday ,two weeks ago I was at 217.8. So I guess I did not do too bad last week.I did not write down my intake last week nor did I weigh myself all week (although I really wanted to). All in all, it was a good experiment but I like getting back into my routine.

For this month, I am gonna try to cut calories real hard and increase my calorie burn (if my knees let me) as much as I can. I got a ways to go to get to my goal for the year 2009 and I am damn sure gonna try yo make it.

One way I plan on burning some extra calories is to do some inverted rows on a rope hanging from a tree limb. Kinda like a pull up but at an angle, because there ain't no way in hell I can do a PULL UP ! (yet)I'll add this to my BWE routine and see how I do.

if ya need encouragement----get up , you can do it!
if ya need sympathy---- get up, ya ain't getting any
if ya think ya can't lose some fat---- get up off yer ass, because if I can get up off mine you can too!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Ain't no right or wrong in this world, just smart and stupid.