Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Car 54

Howdy from the land of thinking cowboys and armadillo hunts!

Well, Muata (birthday boy)finally put up a post on Mr.Lowbodyfat.

I have been calling him Car 54 in my mind. For those of you too young to know Car 54 was a cop show back in my day---the title was Car 54 Where Are You! It was funny back them and I am sure it would be cheesy now.Anyway, I have been wondering if Muata would ever post again and also just where in the hell he was at!I really enjoy his writing.

He tells me he is re-inventing his blog and I am sure he will be back better than ever.I think the evolution that we go thru as we work at this life thing is really impressive.Each of us deal with mountains of issues each day while we try best we can to get to our destination.While we juggle life's balls we try to walk down the road and at times it seems pretty damn hard.One thing for sure and certain about life---it is what it is. I think it is how we deal with the crap that defines us.

While Muata works on his evolution , I'll continue to work on mine and hopefully we can compare notes one day.It would be fun to see just how many common themes two vastly different folks could share.

So Car 54 have a swell birthday. I 'll see ya one day if the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise!

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Need an answer? Ask if it is Moral,Ethical,and Legal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cowboy Bill's Traveling Grill

Howdy from the land of "we got a rain" and weird dreams!

I have been working on a BBQ pit for a few weeks.When I say a BBQ pit, I mean a real one.I have built dozens of them for fun and money and I have dreamed of getting the final version for Old Bill.This one should hold enough meat for 400 people or so.

I am 98% done with it and Janet and I burnt it out Sunday. I test run it this weekend.When it is all trimmed out it will have wagon bows over it and a tarp , similar to a covered wagon. I will be able to put the kettles under the tarp when cooking. It of course is mobile so I can GO ON THE ROAD!

For those of you that don't know I like to cook. I cook real country food, no fillers no fluff.As the man said, give me sourdough,beef steak and beans.Peach cobbler in a dutch oven is a rarely good treat also.However, just so you don't think I am a total country bumkin, I will have you know I cook other stuff as well---paella for example.

I am building this rig with the goal of cooking for weddings, reunions and your basic "let's have a pacunga".I do like to feed a big group.

Now, you might think that for someone that has been walking down a Fat Loss Road for the better part of 3 years building a cooking rig might not be the best thing.I would say you are wrong. Good food is not what made me morbidly obese. Eating too much and not moving nearly enough is what made me morbidly obese.I would submit that my rig may be good therapy. Kinda like the alcoholic owning a bar.

The knowledge I have gained the past three years has shown me where some of my biggest problems in food have been.Mindless grazing,pigging out on sugar and portion size are just three real challenges I have learned a little about.

Now I can cook for 30 family and friends in the wet back shack in the back yard, and whip up a peach cobbler and never eat any of it---AND---not even miss it!Now I call that making progress.

When the Cowboy Commissary is trimmed out I post a pic of it.After that Have Grill will Travel!!

Sourdough,beef steak and beans----UMMMM!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Ya got to eat something, might as well eat well.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A chapter closes

We got him in the winter, a yellow ball of fur
He cried the first night he came home,so he got to sleep with her

Janet watched for a day or two saying "Hoppy is his name'
I watched him jump and eat and poop saying 'He is a dog just the same"

From a small pup to a man size brute his sole goal was to please
He would run and fetch and drag the water hose, to him it was a tease

He grew up and attached himself to everyone he met
He loved to ride, to go to town, he even loved the vet

He was always happy although he knew when he was bad
For when I left him without a glance he would go chew my shoes a tad

When you came home he was at the gate in his mouth a leaf,a twig or stick
He would beg to get the paper, to throw the cans away, he so loved to learn a trick

They say every boy should have a good dog to play with and hold
Of all the many dogs I've raised and touched this one was made of gold

He was happy and ready to please even in the end and Hoppy was his name
I've had a lot of dogs in life but he was a rare treat just the same

HOPPY RIP 5-10-2011

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A lesson a Day

Howdy from the land of snakes in the yard and dust in the air!

You know it is getting dry as a popcorn fart when the snakes move inside the yard where we have been watering.Dang snakes! Scare the crap out of ya!

Dr.J over at the Calorie Lab had a great post about never giving up OR maybe we should give up?? His post was about very successful people could many times see they were on the wrong road and changed directions. They tend to not waste their time on fruitless endeavors.This makes sense to me.According to Dr.J , they are like the Gambler--they know when to hold them and when to fold them.

In thinking about this post I remembered reading about Highly Successful people in a book and one of the principles they tend to have in common was they knew where their Circles of Influences were. They did not waste time with things they had no influence on.

I have lost valuable time by spinning my wheels on stuff I had no control over.The hard trick to being able to see the task ahead as a worthwhile goal OR a waste of time.

On my Fat Loss Journey, I have learned a little about what I have influence on. I have much more influence on my health than I once imagined.I have slowly quit worrying about useless stuff and changed directions several times in an effort to find what works best for ole Bill.

I have also quit worrying about what Jimmy did to lose weight or Bob or Ted or Alice. I have no control over them and they don't have any control over me.

The lessons I have learned on this trip I try to write down least I forget some of them.But Old Mac Ballard was correct---unless you are a stone cold moron you will learn a lesson a day, if you just pay attention.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Quit worrying about the damn mules, your job is to load the wagon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May flowers?

Howdy from the land of No April showers so damn few May Flowers!

Dry I say, just how dry is it? Just yesterday I saw a Horny Toad walking down the road with a water can tied on his back!

OK , I won't quit my day job. But it is dry.

One good thing about not having any thunder storms or lightening around here is , there is one less excuse not to ride or walk or generally practice burning some calories.

I rode ten miles at lunch today as the wind was not too bad.Although I really miss walking with my vest on, the bike riding is doing me good.My thigh muscles are getting harder each week.And I have noticed it takes more miles on the bike to get any "burn" on my upper legs. The Doctor said I need them quads as strong as I can get them before I get the new hinges put in.

I guess the count down is on for a new hinge as I went Monday and got the MRI done for the machine shop to build me a new right knee joint. Too late to chicken out now, I already ordered the new parts!

One thing helping me get past the nervousness of knee replacement is hoping I can then get back into my vest and someday taking a back pack trip in the mountains.

I keep ya posted how things go and if we get rain in May. I do think May is gonna be a record setting month.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Better not neuter your tomcat, he will probably turn into a liberal.(think about it)