Monday, December 12, 2011

I'll be right back

Howdy from the land of foxes in the back yard and squirrels in the trees!

Tomorrow is nearly here. I'll be out of pocket for a few days and looking ahead at what the next practice session will bring.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Tell a stranger Merry Christmas, it'll make ya feel good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tick Tock the Game is Locked

Howdy from the land of north winds and reindeer being brushed off!

It will soon be Christmas---HOHOHO

We have had a pretty good norther blow in and my left knee has went south.Damn it is really hurting. I walked the track yesterday at lunch and thought I would have to catch a ride back to the office.But ONE MORE WEEK and that crock of cold cat crap is OVER! Yipee!

On another note , I got a friend ( yes I do have some of those) that has been pretty bad off for a couple of weeks. Seems he had a real bad round of Pancreatitus (sp) and it was BAD. Looks like he is getting better but he is gonna have to change his habits a good bit over the long haul.Not a good way to make changes in one life but it could be worse.Do what the Doctor orders Gary.

This is one more , of a very long list, of reasons to eat better in our lives. Too many of us play Russian Roulette with our bodies until something pushes us over the cliff and we wind up trying to play catch up.

Well, we'll slide on down the road this week and keep both legs moving and I'll touch base in a few days.

Move, eat well,squeeze your squeeze and have a Merry Christmas!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
He who dies with the most toys, is none the less dead.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two weeks to blast off!

Howdy from the land of old time songs and old time jokes!

Well, we got thru Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful time.I ate some fruit and drank some water before the big FEED and made it thru OK.

It was nice to sit around and visit and then get up and go home---LOL---no dishes to wash!

I have really been pushing to get my right leg stronger before the 13th. It is working , as most of the time it feels really good. I am now walking pain free and climbing the stair case without pulling on the handrail.Between now and the 13th I will continue at this level and slide right on into the OR.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I don't suffer from insanity--I enjoy every minute of it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Three weeks and counting

Howdy from the land of buttermilk pies and turkey in the roaster!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and takes a little time to ponder on what you have to be thankful for.Count yer blessings, count them one by one.

Time is moving right along.My vest is full and have been climbing 15-20 flights of stairs a day. So, we'll get on down the road and get the left one fixed and ---BAM---I'll be able to jump tall buildings with a single bound!LOL

Keep moving and thinking thin. Use any tip you can to walk the straight and narrow.

But remember one thing---it is only ONE meal.Don't beat yourself up over one meal.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Keep yourself grounded---man ain't suppose to get no higher than corn or lower that taters.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Loaded vest at 4 weeks

Howdy from the land of yapping dogs and hungry varmints!

2011 has been a year for varmints in my yard. Tina the Jack Russell gives them hell until Old Bill gets his ass out of bed and gets the gun.Such is Life in the dry country.

My vest is full, back at 40 pounds.My leg is getting stronger by the week.And my pants are getting looser.One thing I have not gotten use to again is eating cauliflower. I was eating some nearly everyday. Now I just don't much care for it.I guess I will just stick with carrots.

Next week at Thanksgiving I am gonna use a couple of suggestions I got from my last post.And, if I can snag the turkey carcass from my sisters house I plan on making some turkey soup over the weekend to use latter in the year.

I do have a question on another subject. Does anyone know someone that has had a gastric sleeve operation? What is their (your) opinion on those--no no-not for me, I am way too big a chicken for that.I know one person that has had this done and seems to be doing very well. I am curious as to pros / cons.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
You know it is time to leave when everyone quits talking to ya and you get no pay check.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 week , count down on

Howdy from the land of fall northers and approaching holidays!

Yes sir , the holiday season is just around the corner. With it comes all kinds of challenges to those of us that battle with too much weight and excess fat.
All is not lost in this war, we can use plenty of good sense strategies to at least stay even thru this time of the year.

I think the most important idea to use during this time of the year, is to keep THINKING.If I can keep the end goal in mind and THINK about the choices I make, it will be OK.

My biggest problem takes place when I get lazy and quit THINKING.

On another note,with the time change I now have to adjust some exercise routines. As I get home when it is dark, there is not as good a chance to do much around the place.I am trying to get a little more time in at lunch walking and I am trying to ride my bike on the weekends.

Although my quad is getting stronger in my right leg, I want to continue to improve my muscle tone before the next go around takes place.

Anyone have any ideas on ways to get thru the holiday season , let me know.And YES I already know ---just don't over eat or don't eat the pie!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
There would be less cancer in the world if more folks burped and farted more---that stuff just got to get out!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Post pounder

Howdy from the land of new fences and weekend projects!

I finally got a few things scratched off my "to do" list this weekend.The past few weekends we have been traveling and generally away from the house.I got a much needed piece of fence built, even though the ground is as hard as a bankers heart. Pounding those tee posts into the ground was a big bunch of work but we got er done. It was really great exercise and in between post I would think that some poor folks pay money to go to the gym while I get to do this for free and enjoy being outside!

So I guess being for ever gym less is a good thing.And like the poem goes--

The wires are running straight and tight
With every post in line
A job you can be proud of
One that stands the test of time

Last week I spoke about having momentum and renewed focus and this weekend was no exception. I ate a whole hell of a lot better. I consumed very few carbs almost no sugar. That makes about 10 days of consistency and I can feel the improvements.

Now between the knee replacement in June until two weeks ago I gained 14 pounds, but it is coming back off now.My goal is to get back to where I was before my next joint overhaul.

One thing for sure, if this next retro fit goes as well as the first one, I 'll really be able to burn some calories when it quits hurting.

This week there is 36 pounds in the vest and IF I go to dancing on the track while I walk maybe I can keep from tripping--LOL

Pearl of Wisdom the Mind of WEL
Guns have only two enemies---RUST and POLITICIANS

Monday, October 24, 2011

2 left feet

Howdy from the land of chuck wagon cook offs and mesquite camp fires!

We had the chance to take in Red Stegall's Cowboy Gathering at the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards this weekend.Man they had a crowd show up for that event.A grand time was had by all.

Today I was just a boogiety boogieing around the track at lunch. I had 32 pounds in my vest and I was moving at a right fine clip. One of the joggers was coming up behind me and she wears a Walkman/Ipod/Music Box of some kind. Well, she does not wear ear phones so I can hear the music when she gets real close. Now I don't have real keen hearing so I always walk by myself, so I don't have to try to listen to folks jabber( and I'm slow).Anyhow, here she comes and the music just a humming.So, what does smart ass do??I did what any self respecting show off would do----I point both index fingers out to the side and start dancing and walking----grooving, I tell ya. And then it happened, she starts laughing, I start laughing and both my left feet go to the same place on the track at the same damn time!

The smart ass did not bust his ass, but he gave her something to laugh about. She was still laughing when she came back around after passing me.Well, I recovered and managed to survive.

After I got thru laughing at myself I finished my walk without any more adventures.

Being a smart ass continues to get me in a pickle, seems somethings never change.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
ADVENTURE = showing poor judgement and surviving

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Momentum is powerful

Howdy from the land of howling north winds and fleeting ground moisture!

Yep , we got a blowing norther today and it is gonna sap every bit of moisture we caught from the rain 10 days ago. Oh well , that is life.

Since I decided to get the rest of the retrofit done this year,I have had less excuses to get back in the routine. I took to walking with my vest and this week I am up to 32 pounds in it. I also started climbing the stair cases in the building and Friday made 7 flights.

After I made up my mind,I took to moving with a purpose. I caught a little momentum.Now momentum is powerful.Once I get my ass to moving it is easier to keep it moving.The more momentum I can keep rolling the more I want to add. Moving with momentum is kinda like having sex with a widow woman---the more ya do it the more you want to do it.

The old theory that an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest is true. The hardest part to moving with a purpose is to move, then I let momentum take over.

Another powerful tool I have found on this journey is IMAGINATION.If I can imagine myself doing more and feeling better , then I can get there.

So,my momentum is fueling my imagination AND my imagination started the momentum to turn over.Better get the hell out of the way unless you plan on joining me.

I truly hope you join me. The trip is so worth buying the gas!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Look at the top of the mountain and imagine you are there, now take a step.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They bloomed

Howdy from the land of wet sand and cool evenings!

Yes sir, we got a rain Sunday! We were blessed with a strong 2 inches of water falling from the sky, I know it was rain, I had seen it before when I was younger.Grandpa always said "it rains on the just and the un-just alike", I wonder which I am?

Me and Janet went to a little mini class reunion of hers.She graduated the year after I did and we have a pot slew of mutual friends. She has seen most of these folks last year but I had not seen many of them in 30+ years.

Man oh man some of them really bloomed!

It is strange how when you go thru life gaining 6-10 pounds each year you don't shock people that you see everyday. But when you see them after 35 years and they are twice the size of the last time you spoke to them, it becomes an eye opener.

I also noticed the bigger we are the more medical problems and drug prescriptions we have to talk about when we get together.

As someone that has BLOOMED and decided to start pruning myself before it was too late it is sad to know what lies in store for some of these friends.

I was once told "save yourself, you can't save the world". Maybe this is true but it is hard to watch someone that is morbidly obese and not want to try and help them change directions.It is easier after all to tell someone else what they should do than to change myself.

Well, I guess I can keep working on myself and maybe someone will notice and think "if that blind hog can find an acorn, I can too".

See ya down the road!Honk when ya go by!

Oh yea, 2 laps at 28 pounds on the track today!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Private Property Rights is the basis for freedom and prosperity.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My brand

Howdy from the land of flocks of mourning doves and dusty cows!

I have a brand for my cattle, most folks around here have a brand for theirs.It is how I lay claim to what is mine and keep it separate from what is yours.Brands were/are for the most part designed to be read left to right and top to bottom.Most brands have a meaning if only to the person that designed them. Mine is no exception.

The bottom picture is my gate , with my brand on top. It is above the brand CT which was my Grandfather's brand, because I took over after he was gone. The top picture is a bull named Thanks Joe.You can see my brand on top with L1 underneath, which means Laas #1 bull calf and 03 under that which means 2003, the year the calf was born.

All in all, the brands tell the story.

My brand is two "L"s running in a circle OR "Running in Circle L".Why? Because most of my adult life I have felt I have been running in circles.Not quite getting to where I want to be , but trying none the less. Now, I know this is merely a state of mind or an attitude but it is my state of mind. Seems like sometimes I have been walking uphill forever.

This mind set, in part, comes from having an attitude that I want it now because I deserve it. This has led to more poor choices in my life than I care to admit to.The choices I have made have entwined themselves into my head to the point I have a hard time straightening them out. Them old habits die hard.

I suppose I am not unique in the feeling of taking the old two steps forward and one back routine.And , the best thing is continuing to take those two steps, over and over again.

At any rate, yesterday I walked at the track with 24 pounds in my vest.It was not bad.I plan on adding 4 pounds a week until the vest is full again.

It is time to move this quad muscle into shape again as I have decided to go ahead and get the left knee replaced before the end of the year. December 13th looks good with my deductible being met, let's get er done!

The circle continues---I got to go walk for a couple miles. See ya down the road!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
When asked "how's the world treating you?" I reply "the world ain't treating me, I pay for what I get".

Friday, September 9, 2011

Roundy round

Howdy from the land of cool mornings and smoky skies!

I made 8 rounds on my bike today,at the track. I even left from the admin building and did not drive across to the park, like I have been.My quad is tight but feels really good.I went up the stairs with no hands and came down with only my thumb on the hand rail----damn Sam but it's getting better!

Next week I intend on 8+ miles each day at lunch, continuing the stairs 2-3 times each day AND working more BWE into the mix. So far so good!

If I can continue to improve at this rate ,September will be a good month.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
The question of the month is---
If you voted for Obama last time to prove you were not a racist, who will you vote for this time to prove you are not an idiot?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad situation

Howdy from the land of folks endeavoring to persevere!

A north wind blew into Texas on Sunday.I was still trying to recover from cooking for the Rat Killing on Saturday.We pulled that little party off with 200 pounds of meat cooked and about 6 pounds left over.We even managed to get several compliments on the taste and texture. I can't take all the credit, Mac came down from OKC and helped me cook and I could not have managed without his help.

When the norther blew in it was NOT cool, it was 101 and dry as a popcorn fart.The wind Sunday was blowing 20-25 with gusts to 35 and Texas started to burn. We had 60+ fires start around the state. In Bastrop County (east of Austin) one fire has burned 30,000 acres and destroyed over 600 homes. It is a sad situation.As of Tuesday, there is no containment to this fire. 5000 folks fled their homes , most with only the clothes on their backs. 4 poor souls have lost their lives.It is truly a sad situation.

It is events like this that really put things into perspective for me.I sit around trying to decide what I don't want to OR shouldn't eat while folks 70 miles up the road not only don't have anything to eat----they ain't got a kitchen to cook in!

Yesterday and today the weather is cool. It feels as if fall is on the way.The cool mornings seem to bring a fresh sense of hope.

I managed to get 5 miles yesterday on my bike.The goal this week is to add 1 mile per day. I am also doing leg lifts 3 times a day to strengthen this quad.Improvements are coming with fall, I can feel it.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Don't bitch because your shoes are worn, some folks got no feet.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Howdy from the land of small increases and upcoming rat killings!

One week from now my good buddy Putt's daughter is getting married (a rat killing in hick terms)and yours truly is doing the cooking on The Cowboy Commissary pit.I'll see about posting a pic. I am getting excited.I plan on making the bridal party a Peach Cobbler in the dutch oven as a surprise.

I have been making small increases to my calorie burning routine. Today I think I will ride 5 miles at lunch instead of 3.The bike riding has been helping quite a good bit.I am hoping starting next week I can increase every 3-4 days until I am back where I was before the repair work.

Yesterday I was visiting with a co-worker that had a gastric band put in her, the same time I had my knee replaced. She is losing a good bit of weight and is real happy with the outcome. I mentioned some of the problems I have at times making good choices with food and she said "You know Bill food is our CRACK".I guess to varying degrees that is correct. I read as much as I can about food addictions and I believe there is a reason(s) I crave sugar and carbs.

Now I have said before I am no doctor or a scientist and if you read enough you can find any study and outcome you want.I tend to think on a simpler level.I think we are a product of our raising. What we are trained to do as a child carries us along throughout our lives.I was trained as a child to eat everything and clean up my plate. Sugar of any kind was a reward and something special. It still is---training accomplished.

I also tend to believe that some cravings are brought on by mineral and supplemental deficiencies.We are after all just another animal on this planet.All animals seek out minerals and supplements their bodies need.

Finally, the main difference between us FOLKS and the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to think and reason---which gets us into all kinds of fun and trouble.If you think I am wrong, show me one animal that is a crackhead---on any drug. In the animal world this just does not happen on a routine basis.

Now I know there are some real smart people out there that have spent years researching this problem.The solution is simple Eat Less Move More. The problem is, as an individual I have to find a method that will work for a life time , being I am a Crackhead.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Look up at the sky, quit looking at the dirt, you'll feel it when you step in the manure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peddle pusher

Howdy from the land of dying trees and dying hopes!

Lots of folks around here have given up on hoping it will rain. I am sure it will rain someday and get back to normal, but right now it is heart breaking to look at the land and rivers. At the same time ,It is heart warming to look at the grim determination on the faces of the ranchers in my area. You think you got something to bitch about??Try tying your livelihood to whether you can get 3" of rain in the next 30 days OR selling out.

I went to the track at lunch today and rode my bike 3 miles. I felt like I could have done 5 but I will know more about that tonight.It did feel good to get back on the track at lunch. I am really pushing to get back in the routine because I do better when I have a routine.

I will wait and see what the evening brings, as far as sore tendons and muscles but I do plan on riding 3 miles each day this week and increasing next to 5---maybe.I have been climbing one flight of stairs each day and I can almost get up and down without using a hand---yipee! When I am hands free , I am climbing two flights.

See ya down the road.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
When it begins to rain, don't holler STOP---I'll open up a Witchhazel Bottle of Whup Ass on ya!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be inspired!

Howdy from the land of sore tendons and baby steps!

Yep , I found some more tendons this week.I have gotten in 2 days of walking a mile and 1 day of exercise biking.Baby steps are teaching me a little patience.A MER I CAN!

It seems like every time I need a little inspiration I find some---just like a blind hog will sometimes find an acorn!I was reading on The antijarred blog about a feller named Sean Anderson from Oklahoma.He has lost 275 pounds!! Damn!

His site is titled "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser".Check him out. He is also coming out with a book.He writes really well.The most important point I got from a few minutes on site blog---he found a method that worked for him.

Check him out , be inspired , you are worth the effort.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Quit whining and just go out and do it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Walked a mile in my shoes

Howdy from the land of empty pastures and over flowing sale barns!

I read last week the momma cow herds in Texas,Oklahoma and New Mexico are at the same level they were at the end of the seven year drought in 1957.I am here to tell ya, you had better like chicken because beef is gonna be way too expensive to eat.

Pray for rain.

Today is 9 weeks from my knee retrofit and yesterday I went to the track. I walked a mile (no vest).I did this after walking up the staircase twice. At 1/4 mile my legs felt good. At 1/2 mile I was sweating.At 3/4 mile my thigh was burning and at the end ---I WAS POOPED!But I made it!

This morning, I can feel a little soreness in my leg, mostly in the mid-thigh. And my lower calf is real tight.

I will see how the morning goes but I hope to continue to walk a mile this week and next while gradually adding some exercise bike to the mix.

Pray for rain.

I have a short range goal for this month---I am cooking for my friend PUTT's daughter's wedding on Sept. 3 and I sure would like to be able to dance a few sets with my squeeze, Janet. Now that is a GOAL worth pushing for.

Pray for rain.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Don't go thru life with a worried mind.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thoughts on Restrictions and Connections

Howdy from the land of sore muscles and impatient patients!

I have just about as much patience as a waterfall. I don't know what I expected from the little retrofit but I am sure tired of fighting these sore calf muscles.

I was thinking about the comments on my last post and how this rag sheet is another way for folks to make connections with like minded people.Just think in 2011 how easy it is for a Cowboy in Texas to find a Doctor in Florida and a Professor in California that can connect with a Kick Boxing Man about fat loss.Will wonders never cease to amaze me!!

On the good side of the journey are the connections I make with folks that have taken this walk and failed and succeeded.The ones that admit they took a wrong turn and the ones that stayed close to the narrow trail.Notice I did not say the ones that never took a wrong turn---I get skeptical of those folks----their either the exception to the rule or a liar. But a connection is a connection , good or bad. We are all connected in our quest.

I was also thinking about the restrictions we place in our way.Restrictions like parties,holidays,surgeries and all the stuff we impose on ourselves.The simple damn excuses we use to take a break or just procrastinate.

I am after all my own worst enemy.

And finally, the thought entered my mind that the most success I can hope for is to use the Connections I find to help overcome the Restrictions I throw down in front of me.

See ya down the road

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
(from Bo Porter)Bury in on a Sunday, don't wait until the Monday.I don't want to start the new week feeling dead.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Committed

Howdy from the land of varmints on the porch and armadillos in the yard!

It is so dry in Texas (only second to the drought of 1956) the coons and foxes are on my porch every night eating cat food and waking me up.The armadillos are tearing up the yard something terrible where we water.AND something is gonna die!

Muata is back posting on his site. He has revised his focus and site but continues to share extremely good info.His message is the same, his method is evolving.

Over these 3 years that I have been on my journey, I have read many blogs , books and web sites about fat loss, weight loss, healthy eating,etc.Many of these sites have come and gone. Many started out as an average Joe telling his story and then turning commercial.Now I ain't got anything against a feller trying to make a few chips but sometimes the transition from "I just want to help ya" to "Send me a few bucks, I can solve your problem" just does not GEE HAW with me.Then there are the sites that start out gungho and after a few months are gone--poof!

There are two sites that are written by the COMMITTED. You know,the ones that have been over the road and around the bend and are still giving you their message. They are committed to helping others find the path that will lead to better health.

Now I might not agree with everything they write or maybe I agree but the method won't fit my life style but their message is consistent.Their support of others seems endless. I am sure it takes many hours away from their lives to write about these problems and solutions for the betterment of others. Perhaps their writing IS part of their lives.

At any rate, the Cowboy tips his hat to the COMMITTED---
Muata and Dr.J ----Muchas Gracices Compadre

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
If you want folks to look at you like you are nuts, Just try walking down the halls of the hospital using a walker and hollering "Get out of the way , I'm fixing to take off!"

Monday, July 18, 2011

OK get back to work

Howdy from the land of dry sand and brassy blue skies!

It is time I get my ass back to work. My knee is getting better each week and I am getting bored sitting all the time. The knee is getting well enough for me to want to get to doing somethings that I shouldn't ought to do. And , I just can't seem to listen to Janet when she says "wait until your are stronger".So I am back to work and going to therapy 3 times a week.

My goal is to get 120+ flex by Aug 5th.I also want to get back to walking next week at lunch (with out the vest).

I gained a little weight this month so the road continues. On a positive note, I got one knee out of two that is new and improved.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best laid plans of mice and men

Howdy from the land of sore (as hell) ham strings and achy flat ( as a board) feet!

It is getting better each day , I think. My ham string and back of my calf are really giving me fits. I had a 20 degree break in the back of my knee from loss of flexibility over the years and getting those muscles to stretch back out is a pain in my butt---literally!

And not wearing any arch supports on my feet for 2 weeks really gets them feet to hurting. But now I can get both shoes on and tied without having to holler at the nurse for help.

A real good Friend of mine text me the other day to ask if me ringing the bell for the nurse was working out OK? I told him it took me 6-7 days after we got home to fully understand why a had a stool softener with all the other meds when I got home. I thought they said it was for constipation----really it was to help pass that bell!

LOL, now that is funny , I don't care who you are! But seriously, Janet has done a great job putting up with the cry baby. I would have never made it without her help.

Even Ol Bill has done Ok so far. I even gave myself 12 (count them) twelve injections to keep my blood thin.

I am however gonna change my plans.I had thought when I started this deal I would get the right knee done and wait 6 weeks and get the left knee fixed---BAM,WHAM---we are finished. Well,I have changed my mind. I am gonna wait and get my right knee well and strong healed and get the left repaired latter. I think it will be best for me to not rush , not get the big head, not get too far over extended. I'll take it one step at a time.

For now I continue to strech and walk and ice and work my STINGING QUAD.

I can't wait to be able to dance without that knee pain.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Do something damn it, even if it is wrong>

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Careful what ya wish for

Howdy from the land of pain pills and physical terrorists.

Well, I lived.Two weeks ago this morning the doctor told me they were gonna do something called a nerve block on my leg. This was to keep the swelling down and make it easier on me during surgery. It felt strange and when I woke up I told Janet, I'll be glad when this wears off because it is weird and crazy not being able to feel my leg. WRONG wish!

At any rate, I got one new knee joint and I am working about 6 hours a day to regain my range of motion.I have never used this much ice and not had a drink.

It is a god thing my upper body was as strong as what it is because that has helped me get around quite a good bit.I have been able to walk from to house to the barn and back for 3-4 days now, which I guess is 3/8 of a mile. I am tired but there is always ICE.

See ya down the recovery road!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Sit up straight, you may need good posture when ya get crippled up.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last lap

Howdy from the Land of approaching heat waves and swimming pool dreams!

Well, I went around the track 10 laps on my bike at lunch. There was no wind and I felt like I was going as fast as shit thru a goose. I felt pretty good.

I am gonna say today was the last lap for a while.I get one new knee next Tuesday and I am gonna take it easy and mow the grass again this week.

I have been really laying a plan out for when I get back from the hospital so I can continue to burn a few more calories than I take in. My plan may need to be kneaded but the main product is to come out with a new technique not a vacation.

I'll touch base next week when I get home.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
The only way I'm giving up is when someone pries defeat from my dead fingers.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reminds me of a book

Howdy from the land of The Old Man and The Boy!

This pic reminds of the Robert Ruark book.Man I really like that book.

Ya need to get in shape to keep up with one of these young grasshoppers!

Pearl Of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
You spend enough time with your kids , no man can ever sell them drugs.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The list is done

Howdy from the land of experimental recipes--some good some not!

Well, I just about got my list of stuff done. I have had a long list of things I wanted to get done before I go into the pit area for a linkage overhaul.I can tell ya I have been working my ass off trying to get ready for being hobbled for several weeks.

Now I have come to the conclusion the list was not as much about getting really important stuff out of the way.I think it was more about keeping my mind off the damn surgery.The list is done pretty much, and I am getting more nervous by the hour-- I am such a baby some times.

I have been thinking about how I can do some calorie burning practice while my knee heals.I think I have a plan but I guess I will have to wait and see if it comes together.

All in all, I guess it is good that THINKING about controlling my input and output has become a habit.Now if the PLAN just comes together it will be alright.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
You ain't too old to learn something.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Car 54

Howdy from the land of thinking cowboys and armadillo hunts!

Well, Muata (birthday boy)finally put up a post on Mr.Lowbodyfat.

I have been calling him Car 54 in my mind. For those of you too young to know Car 54 was a cop show back in my day---the title was Car 54 Where Are You! It was funny back them and I am sure it would be cheesy now.Anyway, I have been wondering if Muata would ever post again and also just where in the hell he was at!I really enjoy his writing.

He tells me he is re-inventing his blog and I am sure he will be back better than ever.I think the evolution that we go thru as we work at this life thing is really impressive.Each of us deal with mountains of issues each day while we try best we can to get to our destination.While we juggle life's balls we try to walk down the road and at times it seems pretty damn hard.One thing for sure and certain about life---it is what it is. I think it is how we deal with the crap that defines us.

While Muata works on his evolution , I'll continue to work on mine and hopefully we can compare notes one day.It would be fun to see just how many common themes two vastly different folks could share.

So Car 54 have a swell birthday. I 'll see ya one day if the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise!

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Need an answer? Ask if it is Moral,Ethical,and Legal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cowboy Bill's Traveling Grill

Howdy from the land of "we got a rain" and weird dreams!

I have been working on a BBQ pit for a few weeks.When I say a BBQ pit, I mean a real one.I have built dozens of them for fun and money and I have dreamed of getting the final version for Old Bill.This one should hold enough meat for 400 people or so.

I am 98% done with it and Janet and I burnt it out Sunday. I test run it this weekend.When it is all trimmed out it will have wagon bows over it and a tarp , similar to a covered wagon. I will be able to put the kettles under the tarp when cooking. It of course is mobile so I can GO ON THE ROAD!

For those of you that don't know I like to cook. I cook real country food, no fillers no fluff.As the man said, give me sourdough,beef steak and beans.Peach cobbler in a dutch oven is a rarely good treat also.However, just so you don't think I am a total country bumkin, I will have you know I cook other stuff as well---paella for example.

I am building this rig with the goal of cooking for weddings, reunions and your basic "let's have a pacunga".I do like to feed a big group.

Now, you might think that for someone that has been walking down a Fat Loss Road for the better part of 3 years building a cooking rig might not be the best thing.I would say you are wrong. Good food is not what made me morbidly obese. Eating too much and not moving nearly enough is what made me morbidly obese.I would submit that my rig may be good therapy. Kinda like the alcoholic owning a bar.

The knowledge I have gained the past three years has shown me where some of my biggest problems in food have been.Mindless grazing,pigging out on sugar and portion size are just three real challenges I have learned a little about.

Now I can cook for 30 family and friends in the wet back shack in the back yard, and whip up a peach cobbler and never eat any of it---AND---not even miss it!Now I call that making progress.

When the Cowboy Commissary is trimmed out I post a pic of it.After that Have Grill will Travel!!

Sourdough,beef steak and beans----UMMMM!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Ya got to eat something, might as well eat well.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A chapter closes

We got him in the winter, a yellow ball of fur
He cried the first night he came home,so he got to sleep with her

Janet watched for a day or two saying "Hoppy is his name'
I watched him jump and eat and poop saying 'He is a dog just the same"

From a small pup to a man size brute his sole goal was to please
He would run and fetch and drag the water hose, to him it was a tease

He grew up and attached himself to everyone he met
He loved to ride, to go to town, he even loved the vet

He was always happy although he knew when he was bad
For when I left him without a glance he would go chew my shoes a tad

When you came home he was at the gate in his mouth a leaf,a twig or stick
He would beg to get the paper, to throw the cans away, he so loved to learn a trick

They say every boy should have a good dog to play with and hold
Of all the many dogs I've raised and touched this one was made of gold

He was happy and ready to please even in the end and Hoppy was his name
I've had a lot of dogs in life but he was a rare treat just the same

HOPPY RIP 5-10-2011

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A lesson a Day

Howdy from the land of snakes in the yard and dust in the air!

You know it is getting dry as a popcorn fart when the snakes move inside the yard where we have been watering.Dang snakes! Scare the crap out of ya!

Dr.J over at the Calorie Lab had a great post about never giving up OR maybe we should give up?? His post was about very successful people could many times see they were on the wrong road and changed directions. They tend to not waste their time on fruitless endeavors.This makes sense to me.According to Dr.J , they are like the Gambler--they know when to hold them and when to fold them.

In thinking about this post I remembered reading about Highly Successful people in a book and one of the principles they tend to have in common was they knew where their Circles of Influences were. They did not waste time with things they had no influence on.

I have lost valuable time by spinning my wheels on stuff I had no control over.The hard trick to being able to see the task ahead as a worthwhile goal OR a waste of time.

On my Fat Loss Journey, I have learned a little about what I have influence on. I have much more influence on my health than I once imagined.I have slowly quit worrying about useless stuff and changed directions several times in an effort to find what works best for ole Bill.

I have also quit worrying about what Jimmy did to lose weight or Bob or Ted or Alice. I have no control over them and they don't have any control over me.

The lessons I have learned on this trip I try to write down least I forget some of them.But Old Mac Ballard was correct---unless you are a stone cold moron you will learn a lesson a day, if you just pay attention.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Quit worrying about the damn mules, your job is to load the wagon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May flowers?

Howdy from the land of No April showers so damn few May Flowers!

Dry I say, just how dry is it? Just yesterday I saw a Horny Toad walking down the road with a water can tied on his back!

OK , I won't quit my day job. But it is dry.

One good thing about not having any thunder storms or lightening around here is , there is one less excuse not to ride or walk or generally practice burning some calories.

I rode ten miles at lunch today as the wind was not too bad.Although I really miss walking with my vest on, the bike riding is doing me good.My thigh muscles are getting harder each week.And I have noticed it takes more miles on the bike to get any "burn" on my upper legs. The Doctor said I need them quads as strong as I can get them before I get the new hinges put in.

I guess the count down is on for a new hinge as I went Monday and got the MRI done for the machine shop to build me a new right knee joint. Too late to chicken out now, I already ordered the new parts!

One thing helping me get past the nervousness of knee replacement is hoping I can then get back into my vest and someday taking a back pack trip in the mountains.

I keep ya posted how things go and if we get rain in May. I do think May is gonna be a record setting month.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Better not neuter your tomcat, he will probably turn into a liberal.(think about it)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Therapy in the written word

Howdy from the land of stink bugs and whippoorwills!

You know it is summer in Lavaca County when you hear the whippoorwills calling in the night. The sound used to scare Tessa when she was a small child. I think it is a wonderful sound during the summer time.

I was having a conversation with my boss and another co-worker about Darren writing a book about his wife and the ordeal she has gone thru with her heart failure and recent (and exceedingly fantastic) heart transplant. Darren was saying how he thought his writing a book about it might help someone. The co-worker, communications genius, and a very good writer in his own right, was saying how it would really help Darren's kids understand what went on. He also thought Darren was correct about it helping others.

My take on the most important aspect of this endeavor is it will help Darren more than he realizes to write down what HE went thru.The written word is good therapy.

In my journey, there have been numerous positive moments.Granted there have been some bummers but mostly good stuff has come along while I have been on this trip.Muata told me the education I would get would be more valuable than the weight I would lose. He was mighty right!With Muata and Janet encouraging me to start this blog I have given myself a double dose of therapy all along the road.Sometimes I have had to stop and really think ---"do you want to admit that OR ya think that might not be real honest"---therapy, yep that what it has been for me.

I think that is what it will be for Darren.

As time goes along, I have changed the way I approach my fat loss journey. I have experimented with different methods while looking for a common destination.The same holds true with my attempt at writing. I change what I want to say quite often and post about how my methods have come together or fallen apart. I can go back and read old posts and say "man if I had only known then what I know now".You know what you call that?? EDUCATION---THERAPY

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
If you think nobody cares anymore, just try missing a few payments.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Driving and breathing

Howdy from the land of drafty sand and grasshoppers!

I live 60 miles from where I work.So I have a fair commute each day.I have always had a fair commute to where I make my money, it ain't no big deal.

I was going over the hill and around the curve this morning just a singing along to Red ( folks that live along the highway probably thought the cat was caught in the drier)and I got to thinking just how good I felt. I actually feel good while driving. Why? Because I can drive and breathe. Yea yea yea, I could always drive and breathe but sitting behind the wheel took an effort. I was not comfortable.I was cramped, heavy chested and the passenger seat was way worse.

It feels so much better to be able to sit behind the wheel and breathe. Damn, it is the little things in life that make such BIG differences.

Oh yea! AND I can really let it all out when I'm singing too!

I guess we never realize how much better we feel until we quit hurting.Nor did I realize how much I hurt until I began to quit hurting.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Be careful you don't ring a bell that can't be un-rung.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I can't fix this

Howdy from the land of wild fires and tired fire fighters!

Thankfully, the wild fires around home have been few and small. North and West Texas are not so lucky.

I have been struggling with this post for several days.In my mind I write about things in my life and how they connect with my fat loss journey. I do not know if this one will connect.

I look at myself as a fixer---you know someone that works problems out and gets things fixed. Whether this issue is a broke down lawn mower or how can we build some thing for someone with out spending much money ( because you know, poor folks got poor ways);I can generally fix the issue.That is what I do at work, fix issues. If someone tears something up they call Bill.If something needs fixing here I go.On one hand it can be frustrating at times being the Fixer , on the other hand being the Fixer makes me feel needed.All in all,being the Fixer is good.

Well, Janet's Lab Hoppy has been under the weather for a couple of months. Come to find out the poor dog has Prostrate Carcinoma at the age of 4 1/2. The vet said it is rare, I told the vet it sure is.Hoppy is a rare dog.

I have had dozens and dozens of dogs.Hoppy is the most intelligent and with out a doubt the most eager to please of any dog I have ever been around.He has more personality than any dog I have known.

There is not much anyone can do for him and I can not fix it.I hate that fact.

I can tell Hoppy does not feel well and does not want to eat his meds, but he will try best he can to please me, because that is the kinda dog he is.I can see him going down hill and I can not fix that.

Because we live in a rural area our local vet sent me to San Antonio with Hoppy to get him ultra sounded at a speciality Vet clinic.I had to call Janet while she was watching Little Man Kolt and tell her what they found.I could hear her pain on the phone, and I could not fix that.

Well,this is part of the cycle we all experience in life I guess.We get to see the sun rise by watching the sunset.Like I said before, sometimes being the Fixer is good , sometimes it sucks.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Today, there just ain't no Pearl

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The load we carry

Howdy from the land of steer roping's and buckle contests!

Mac was at a roping last weekend and we went and watched. Little Man Kolt won his first buckle when his Uncle Mac entered him up in the "pull the ribbon off the goat's tail" contest.Great fun for all the kids!Tessa has to get him a belt now!

With all the BS rhetoric in Washington about the budget we should all think about our debt. When I get to listening to these thieves we send to run our country talk about whose fault this mess is, it just makes me sick.

Two things I know for sure about DEBT is #1 credit is wonderful, when ya want something right now #2 debt has already spent the money you MIGHT make next week.

I was told one time the American people are the most optimistic people in the world---why? just look at the credit card debt we have, we are betting the farm on what we think will come in the future!

It is the same with the Obesity problem we have. We borrow from our future so we can pig out today.We mortgage our body because we have no sense of living within our means.Instead of using our minds as we go along thru life and eating for fuel, we tend to use food as a freaking reward for everything. We never stop to consider what a load we are carrying and when the payment comes due. And rest assured the PAYMENT WILL COME DUE!

I have been trying to pay off some debts now for the better part of three years. It ain't been easy but it has been necessary.I am carrying a whole lot less load now and that is a good thing.

Stop and think about this----
Gold is the currency of Kings
Silver of Princes
Barter is of Peasants
And DEBT is the currency of Slaves

Pay now or pay latter---but pay we will.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Whimpy said "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" ,Popeye ate spinach.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quitting the herd

Howdy from the land of butter flies and yellow clover blooms!

The ladies asked me if I wanted to go eat lunch with the group today. I said nope, but that they could go walk with me, they said nope.

Now three years ago I would have went to lunch with them. I always went into town at lunch and had a "good" meal.In this town the choices are Mexican food , BBQ or fast food.So just about any way ya cut it , you are looking at 1000+ calories.

Now days I walk at lunch 95% of the time and eat around 450 calories.

In quitting the herd and eating this way I get to #1 burn some calories #2 control my calorie intake better and #3 I don't lose near as many arguments at lunch ( because my herd is down to one). WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !!!

Another thing I have come to realize is, I look forward to walking at lunch! Oh,on occasion my legs will feel dead I will take a break.

I better change clothes the herd is gathering.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
There are two theories to arguing with a woman---neither one works.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raging River

Howdy from the land of hills and valleys!

"You can not predict tomorrow and yesterday is done and gone, you only control today. The raging river is always in the way."

That is a line from a poem by Red Stegall.In many ways it can be used for everyday life.The challenges we encounter are like the Raging River.Ole Red says the river ain't too bad or too wide if we prepare.We can build our self a bridge or a boat and get across the river.BUT if we turn around we are the victim of defeat----and that young man ain't good.

I encourage anyone to learn how to face your Raging River and find your way across. I have read and listened to success stories from people that had real challenges to over come.The one common method in all of those folks----they kept on plodding one foot in front of they other.

Sure we take wrong turns , we fall down, we slide back ---and sometimes we just got to rest----then we take one more step.

Face your river, it ain't all that bad.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
The older I get, the fewer things I find worth waiting in line for.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jeanne Robinson

Howdy from the land of bonnets painted Blue and clover lush and green!

I met Janet and a couple of our high school friends in San Antonio and we went to see Jeanne Robinson at the Empire Theater.Jeanne is a former Miss North Carolina and Miss America contestant turned speaker and comedian. She is a hoot!!

Her message struck a chord with me and I thought I would pass it along.It went like this;
You get what you look for!

If we spend our lives looking for the bad , the negative and for all the reasons we can't do something---well we find it!

If we spend time looking for the good , the positive and searching for the solutions to our challenges---well we find it!

If we can not find the humor in our lives and the humor in ourselves we are not looking for it.`

Check Jeanne out on YouTube or on the Web. She is funny and positive and she says NO cuss words or off colored jokes. She is a breath of fresh air.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL (I've said it before)
Call the problem
Devise the solution
Develop a method
Achieve the goal

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Against the wind both ways

Howdy from the land of strong south winds and let's see--strong north winds!!

Nearly everyday I go ride my bike after work. I am up to 8 miles per day and having a good time with it.But Monday , I swear I rode against the wind both directions!!

I huffed and I puffed and after about five laps I began to cuss---why? because when you are as wide as I am the wind is tuff to challenge. It never relents.I mean come on, it just would not make up it's mind which way it wanted to blow( I thought maybe it was democratic).

Away, after about seven laps I began to laugh at my cussing. That is about the time I thought , hell if the wind wasn't blowing I would have to ride 12 miles just to burn the calories I am burning today in 8!!

I did not mind the wind after that.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
You can tell alot from a man by the way he treats his horses.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Strong enough

Howdy from the land of thistles and burr clover!

Spring is here in South Texas, the weeds are coming up green and strong.

What makes one person do the right thing and the next person do something they know is wrong?What makes one of us make a good choice or a poor choice? I have the knowledge, I know I do, why do a make a poor choice?

It just makes me wonder sometimes how humans try their best to set their selves up for failure.It seems sometimes I am as weak as a cat. Other times strong enough to succeed.

My journey did not start out with the end in mind. My journey started out with the burning question of "can I accomplish anything?".Each step I have come has lead to more strength and better choices.Each mile stone I have reached has given way to picture the path ahead in a clearer focus.

I have often quoted A MER I CAN as a worthwhile banner to carry, but where do we get the strength to pick it up?

For me , I get strength by looking at leadership from unexpected sources.I find strength in things that lots of folks just glance at and don't really look at. I find strength in people , that to most, would not seem all that strong.You know the kind of folks I am talking about.The kind of a man that never brags about himself. The kind of woman that never toots her own horn. The folks that get up everyday and set examples that are mostly ignored by the masses.

Old Art Coles told me one time "You never know what you can put yourself thru , until you have to".He was correct.

Sometimes I worry if I am strong enough.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I used to be indecisive, now I am not so sure.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Roundy round

Howdy from the land of medical miracles and high fiber cauliflower!

Kelley is doing well and her chest goes up and down!What a wonderful blessing!For those that don't know, Kelley has had a Heartmate2 pump doing the work of her heart for 10 months.While this pump has kept her alive, she has no heart beat nor pulse. The first thing Darren told me after her surgery was "her chest goes up and down"!What a miracle.

We truly take for granted our heart beat and pulse.

On another topic:
I have a little bit of a hard time accepting advice from others at times. Yep I do, it comes from me thinking I know it all, but I guess I don't. Janet tells me I would be much better off if I just listened to her, she is probably right.Lately I have been listening to advice more and trying to thank folks that give me some that works for me.

Back around the first of the year Dr. J , over at the CalorieLab , suggested I try riding my bike to help with my knee pain. Well, I tried it and he was right.I started slow by riding 1 mile and doing a few BWE then riding another mile.The total the first few days was 2 miles a day. I also felt a little un-comfortable with my balance.This week I am riding 8 miles each day and doing some BWE on Tuesday and Thursday. My balance is way better as well as my comfort zone---not Lance Armstrong yet but much better.

While my knees continue to get worse, riding makes them feel much better during and for several hours afterwards.I still walk at lunch but I only wear my weighted vest once or twice a week.

The bike riding is also moving me slowly toward my fat loss goal at a steady pace.

So Thanks Dr.J !

Bottom line is , there is lots of good advice out there , seek it.There are many ways to lose fat as long as you remember the Energy Equation,try one until you find what works for you.

Work hard, eat well,move more and listen to a HEART BEAT.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Some folks hear voices, some see invisible people ---some have no imagination at all.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Think ya got trouble?

Howdy from the land of dry sausage and cow pen welding jobs!

You know you can travel across the country, cruise around town or just walk the halls at work; and find someone having a pity party.Been there myself, I mean I can get down right , in the crapper, over my weight or my knees or the status of my bank account.

Then ya see someone that ya need to take your hat off to. Someone that makes you wonder how do they keep getting up and plodding along.

My boss's wife is in surgery , as I write this, having a heart transplant at the age of 37. She has been thru three chest cracking surgeries in the past 13 months and has been surviving on a mechanical pump for ten months. Can you imagine? Having to be hooked up to a battery or the AC outlet 24/7 , while trying to be a mother to three young boys has to be a real mountain.All the while she remains upbeat and positive that all her issues are a plan of GOD.Now you talk about having your plate full.

Next time I get down in the dump about some of the trivial crap I think about, I hope someone will say "Hey, Bill, shut up and get your ass to work".

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Remember the guy that said I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man that had no feet.----Quit yer crying!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Simple man

Howdy from the land of a sometimes over active mind !

Had a friend tell me last year that his wife told him "Ya know Bill is a simple man".

At the time I took that as a compliment. Maybe it was a barb, I don't know.

I got to thinking about that statement on my way to work today. Why? Hell I don't know, I get to thinking about things that happen in the past---sometimes years ago. I think of ways I should have done things different or how I could have said things in a better way.In this process I tend to get things a lot more complicated than is really necessary.

I am , after all, a simple man. I tend to like simple things---simple food, simple clothes,simple questions, simple explanations, simple answers----you get the drift.

I guess that explains my fat loss plan--- Simply Eat Less Move More.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I can't complicate things too much, ain't much room in my brain.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Howdy from the land of spring cleaning chores and long To Do Lists!

I had a comment on a recent post and was told he was glad he played a part in my journey.This got me to thinking about how we all play a part in others journeys.

Our roles influence other's lives both negatively and positively, and largely without us even realizing it.We go thru our lives just a shitting and a flying and we miss most of the stuff we do along the way.

Reminds of a speech I heard from a man that was veteran of 25 years on the New Orleans SWAT team--turned motivational speaker. His father had killed his self when this man was 12 or 13.Both his sisters had died of drug related issues and his mother had lost her senses by the time he was 14 (no wonder)and was in an institution. When he was in high school he said he "was an angry teenager" (go figure).Then he met a teacher that got him involved in a drama class of all things.

This man survived all this crap and a career in law enforcement, married,raised two daughters. He attended his 30th. high school reunion solely to look up this drama teacher and thank him and tell him how he had saved this man's life. He did just that and after he poured his heart out to this old teacher ,the teacher looked at him and told him he was welcome and the teacher was glad he turned out so well. Then the teacher asked him who he was!He did not remember him!

The point here is ---even without realizing it the teacher had made an impression that was positive and "saved" another person.Or did he?

I think this man "saved" his self, but the teacher planted the seed and made the contribution that allowed this man to grow his seed in a positive environment.

Thus back to my journey. While I may not agree with every thing Muata,John, Dr.J, Tony,Gwene or Randy ( or the other 100s)write about, I have been "saved" by something each have written or said.In the end it is up to me but all of us contribute to everyone we come in contact with. We never know when we say something that hits home with someone.

Just stop and think how powerful our actions can be.With one sentence, one act we can push someone over a cliff or lift them out of a stinking hole of depression.We contribute to everyone we encounter----watch what ya say!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Money may not buy happiness, but it makes dealing with misery a little easier.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Howdy from the land of halibut steaks and grilled shrimp!

Saturday I'm gonna make my squeeze Janet some grilled shrimp and halibut steaks out at the Wet Back Shack. Couple of friends may join us as the weather is suppose to be nice. We are also gonna baby sit Little Man Kolt so Mom can be chaperon at a school dance.

It is no secrete that I read several different weight loss blogs and web sites. I find the info interesting and the success stories inspiring.A lot of the blogs written by folks that have been successful are there for two reasons.

One reason is to encourage other people to find a way to take control of their health and well being and loose some fat.There are millions of us that struggle to take that first step and continue to struggle against all the odds when the steps get hard.The help that these bloggers give other people is heart felt and totally free.Many times they will tell perfect strangers---folks they will likely never meet, details of their lives that they won't tell their family or friends.WHY?
For me , it is because I know how hard it is to make good choices after decades of poor ones. I also know first hand how it feels to be morbidly obese and what comes along with that. I know how it makes you feel to feel you should stand up when your feet and knees are killing you because you are afraid the lawn chair may break if you sit in it.Or how bad it makes you feel deep down when someone makes a comment about being fat---yea yea yea,You are good at covering it up but that don't mean it doesn't make you feel like shit.I realize how it feels to look in the mirror or pant when trying to tie your shoes.I know all too well how Obesity feels and that there is No One to blame but me.I know all too well that No One can change this situation but ME ( and that my friend is scary).

The second reason we blog, is for many of us, it is good therapy.The writing down of our thoughts and successes and sometimes our failures gives us something to measure. It puts it in real life and makes us think of ways to do better. When we receive a comment from someone (especially ones we have never met) we realize we are not alone. We begin to understand there are other people with issues just like us and together we can move forward toward better health.

The bloggers are from all walks of life.We each approach this issue with different experiences and hurdles.Each bearing our on cross, so to speak.By our varied nature and up bringing we give different analogies based on our lives. Some of us use the examples of the Teacher, how kick boxing fits into the fat loss methods,or how a surgeon can to relate to the common person. Some are very good writers while some of us just struggle along with our thoughts and a few mis-spelled words. My point is there is a lot of help out there and we should all try to help someone we see struggling with Obesity.

The trick is how we help others and not seem to be constantly up on out soap box.The best way I think today is thru our writings, our examples,our analogies,our free encouragement, our honest approach of our own fat loss and YES even our bull shit country boy Pearls of Wisdom. But help others we should, they need it and more importantly WE need to help.

I received a comment from Dr.J on my last post.I would like to meet him some day, maybe take a ride in his plane. Anyway, his last post is one everyone should read. Go to Calorielab and check it out. Ask yourself what floor you are on.Ask yourself what floor your friend,spouse ,child,co-worker is on.

I was going up the elevator between floor 4 and 5.

Thanks to the bloggers and the support of family I can look at some folks that need real help and encouragement and say "There by the Grace of God go I".

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Best way to show someone they can is by showing them you can.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Be reasonable--do it my way

Howdy from the land of non-believers and folks that just want to argue!

Man oh man, I came in from my walk in the cold north wind and two co-workers told be I was "dedicated", I told them nope I'm "committed". I told them to remember about breakfast---you know---bacon and eggs. The chicken is dedicated the hog is committed.

Well, that conversation led to what combination(s) of food are needed to lose weight.This is where I got myself in trouble.I told them I did not think it made any difference what you eat , it all boiled down to King Calorie.Man, did I get in trouble!I went from being Dedicated to being Dumb and moved on to being on my soap box.

SOAP BOX ? Really? Me?

Then, I really got into deep dodo----I said well I guess maybe I am wrong but if ya want to bet I'll put ya on the Wild Bill Walking Track Snickers Diet.This plan is where you can eat one large Snickers candy bar for breakfast , lunch and supper.Also you can have all the water you want along with a multi vitamin. We'll walk each day at lunch --rain or shine-- for two weeks. If you don't lose weight in two weeks the program cost is free!!

They said no way. They also said something about me being crazy while on my soap box. SOAP BOX? Really?

I finally had to throw a jab at them and tell them I guess they were right, I could tell from looking at them , there plan was really working----then I got the hell out of there!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer belly and still think
they are sexy.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Against all odds

Howdy from the land of bad ass Super Bowl Commercials!

1.7 to 3 Million dollars! That is what a Super Bowl Commercial cost to air, not including what it cost to produce. Damn, there are some smart folks out there. But I'll tell ya one thing for dang sure---I ain't never eating Doritos again. I am NOT taking the chance that someone will grab my hand and suck my finger for the flavor!

With all the ads for food , drink,leisure ,pleasure,techno get it done now with no effort it is amazing the whole world is not so fat and lazy we can't move.I guess if everyone was 100 pounds over weight we would all be closer together---LOL---now that is funny , I don't care who ya are.

All kidding aside, I feel the odds are stacked against us , in our quest to be healthy. We are bombarded by ads for the "easy" way to do everything.We can't even change the TV channel without a remote. The ads on TV for food are so real I can almost smell the food. If there was a way to produce the smell of a doughnut and make it come out the speakers in my TV I would weight 600 pounds.The ODDS are against us.

We move so fast we can not write a letter, make a phone call nor cook supper---we email, text and drive thru.The ODDS are against us.

The solution? Hell eat anything you want and sit on your ass because for $19.95+ S/H you can order a bottle of pills , online of course, that will burn fat while you sleep!And , if all else fails you can order, direct from the TV, a 16 pound , multi-exerciser that comes with a free video on how in 20 minutes, three times a week you can look like Chuck Norris! The ODDS are stacked way up against us.

Alright ,alright,alright, slow down!I can climb this hill against all odds!It is simple really.Against all ODDS I have counted calories. I have smelled doughnuts and walked on by.I have aired up the tires on my old bike and not ordered the Chuck Norris Wiz Bang Ab Cruncher exercise machine.Against all ODDS a cowboy From Texas has read books, articles and 100s of success stories and found out a common theme---eat less, move more, lose fat!

Against all ODDS I am doing it! Against all ODDS you can do it!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I never said it was your fault, I just said I am gonna blame you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is a routine good or bad?

Howdy from the land of hay bales and range cubes!

It is a real winter for our country and the cows need feeding.That is the routine in the winter just like fertilizing and hay baling is the routine in the summer.

I have said before I have a harder time on weekends, watching what I eat. The routine I follow during the week is easier but can be boring as well.

My exercises routine tends to get boring sometimes and this week I changed it up ONE day and felt it. So, this is the scenario, I walk Monday and Thursday 2 1/2 miles without my vest, at lunch.After work I ride my bike 3 miles.After each mile I do a few BWE then ride the next mile.On Tuesday and Friday I walk 2 1/2 miles with my 40 lb. vest and then ride the same routine after work. On Wednesday I rest.

So this Wednesday I decide to ride my bike after work and also to just ride 3 miles without stopping to do any BWE. No problem, got er done. But Thursday morning my thighs are sore. Not bad sore but sore and tight until 10-11a.m.Now isn't it funny how just a little change in routine can have a noticeable effect.

So my question is ---is a routine good or bad? Is it better to vary your routine and if so how often? Or does varying your routine then mean you have NO routine.If a routine is easier to follow , then is not following a routine better because your body ain't READY to burn 218 calories and that is it?

Actually, that is more than one question, but you get my drift.

What do you think? Huh?

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
It seems to me, it seems to be , the higher a squirrel climbs up a tree, the smaller his feet seem to be , it seems to me.(If ya know me, ya know I cleaned that Pearl up)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It is the season

Howdy from the land of wet sand and green winter grass!

Yep, it is the season. The season for winter grass to green up and sausage to be put in the smoke house.Me and Janet made sausage Saturday and the stuffer Mac gave me for Christmas is broke in!I just love the smell of a newly seasoned smoke house.

Home made sausage is nutrition and delicious, like the man said---it will pick you up where you are low down and strengthen you where you are weak. On top of that it is damn fun to make!No young folks sausage just doesn't appear at the HEB by magic.

We worked Saturday at making this batch of sausage and by the time we got it on smoke it was 2:30 and I had forgot to eat lunch. My my but time flies when you are having fun. Needless to say, my balance sheet came out + for calorie burn for the weekend , which is good because weekends are always a challenge for me.

I am doing real good at getting back on the right road to complete my journey down the fat loss highway in 2011.With the detours I made in 2010 I got to back track a little but when I get back to the steep hill I plan on going over the top kinda like a Tom Cat skinning a tree!

Stay tuned, we will sample some fresh sausage in a day or two!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Every body ought to have a Treasure Box to keep their Life's Treasures in.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

spitting in my hand

Howdy from the land of snow geese and field larks!

When I was younger and just antsy about something, I would tell my Mother "I wish I had this or I wish I had that". She would tell me to "Wish in one hand and Spit in the other, and see which one gets full the fastest".Ya just can't beat them old "Pearls"!

Now for a lot of years, decades really, I WISHED I wasn't fat. I WISHED I was in better shape. I WISHED --well --I WISHED a lot of wishes---and guess what? not one damn one of them came true. I never woke up weighting 195 pounds. I never walked out of an eerie fog and felt I could sprint to the top of a mountain.Neither hand had one thing in them.Funny how them old "Pearls" are so true sometimes.

Now for the last couple of years I have been SPITTING in one hand and my, my---but things are a changing. Now, it has not been easy to keep SPITTING in that hand but the discomfort is beginning to pay off.

I see people all around that are becoming more conscious of their health and their weight. Many of them are taking significant steps to improve their health/weight. Some are taking the 2--1 steps, you know 2 forward and 1 back.But Hey, at least they are thinking and acting. The 2--1 step is natural.I did it several times and will likely do it again.

To all who think they will never get to where they WISH to be---You can , if I can You can--all ya got to do is quit WISHING and start SPITTING.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Never tell a women with GUESS on her sweat shirt --Implants?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I ain't gonna vs. I don't wanna

Howdy from the land of cloudy skies and chilly north winds!

Been kinda cold and gloomy in South Texas for several days.It makes me want to stay inside and rub my hands and knees while sitting beside a fire.

Tuesday when I went outside to walk at lunch it was 38 degrees and a north wind at 26mph gusting to around 33. When the track turns into the wind it made me wonder if it was worth it.I walked my 2 1/2 miles all the while thinking I don't want to ride my bike after work if the wind is this bad.

Now I did not say " I ain't gonna" ride, I said "I don't wanna ride". Why? Because a long time ago I had a smart man tell me "Don't say you ain't gonna, say you don't wanna----I don't wanna is easier to take back".

After I got back from my walk in the wind I felt good and by quitting time I said "hells bells , let us go ride a bike". I wanted to ride. Low and behold the wind was down to around 15mph.

Now it would have been just as easy for me to have talked myself out of riding , during my noonday walk.

I have found the best days to walk, ride or generally burn calories are the days that I really don't wanna do it. I feel the best when I get done.3 years ago this was not the case, 3 years ago I would have made my mind up at noon that I ain't gonna do it at 5pm. Now,it is far better to find a reason to "do it" than an excuse to "not to".

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Compromise my ass---if I agreed with you , we would both be wrong.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Shift inspiration

Howdy from the land of baby calves and sausage making!

Ya know sometimes I just crack myself up!

Now if anyone of you could drive along behind me coming to or from work you would think I am crazy. I talk to myself and I can not talk without using my hands. So , at times I look like a mad man in the truck---but hey---I win the argument!

Anyway, this morning I am driving along and talking about all the folks that have inspired me to lose fat. It all started with Lelia and went to Muata, John,Izz,Tony, Dr.J, Amy and on and on.Then I hit me---I'm leaving someone out and that someone now plays a bigger role in keeping me going and being inspired.That someone is ME!

I have had 2-3 folks tell me I inspired them, but I never thought that I have at times inspired myself. I think this shift comes on gradually kinda like shifting from focusing on food as entertainment and making it more just fuel.

So here is to ME!!And here is to YOU !! Inspire yourself to improve yourself for yourself.

I am beginning to realize if I improve my health I gain more than good health. And other folks gain from my improvement.

On a note about calorie burning---I have been walking at lunch but have scaled back to 2 1/2 miles each day and wearing my weighted vest every other day (helps my knees). I am also going back across to the track after work and riding my bike 2 miles, with a few BWE in between each mile. So far so good. I will gradually increase bike riding but do not plan on increasing stress on them knees until I get new hinges put in.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I think if everyone just burped and farted more, there would be a whole lot less cancer in the world---that stuff just needs to get out!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Win Loose or Draw ?

Howdy from the land of new beginnings and old lessons!

Well, my fair haired friends we have ourselves a brand new year. One filled with high hopes and old issues.I took a little vacation and when I came back to reality I read a buddy's blog---Lean and Mean aka John Zimmer.He was looking back on 2010 which we all tend to do.He mentioned that 2010 was a waste because he had gained weight instead of losing.

I was thinking about this post for several days and decided to look back briefly at the Winners, Losers and Drawers (that just don't sound right but you get my drift) for the year.

I started out 2010 at 223.2 lbs. of lovable wonder.The same day in 2011 I weigh 227.2,that is a gain of 4 lbs.Now there have been several UPS and DOWNS throughout the year. At first glance this would be a LOSER.But not so fast Young Grasshopper!During the year I conducted several experiments on my Fat Lose Journey. I went 6 weeks without weighing myself, not ready for that yet.I pushed my knees past their limit with weighted vests and miles on the track,not a good outcome. I took the Wilderness Athlete Challenge, the meal replacing shakes are good but I miss CHEWING.

In each of my experiments I learned something or re-enforced something I already knew.

What you might ask?
1.Consistency is the key to losing fat---Winner
2.I have to find what works for me,no one can just sell me a plan---Winner
3.Only I have control of my trip and the trip is worth it because I am worth it---Winner
4.It is just MATH---Winner
5. The hard part of my trip is still ahead of me---Winner/Loser??
6.I may not have lost what I wanted to in 2010 but I get another shot today---Winner
7.I can eat tuna everyday for lunch or drink a shake, don't matter---300 calories is 300 calories---Draw
8.If I eat Chinese cookies by the bag full I gain weight---Duh---Loser
9.Boredom is a weight gaining bitch for me---Loser
10.There are many successful people out there that have lost fat and have gone thru the same issues I have, and I know where to find them---Winner
11. In a trip like mine there will be ups and downs, how I react to these is what makes me a Winner or a Loser

All in all, 2010 was a winner for me and it was a winner for my buddy John. We both learned to adjust some and we both made the decision to move forward.I win everyday I think I can do better because----A MER I CAN !!

Come do some math with me. Muata,Dr.J and John are right, it is all JUST MATH.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Calorie is KING, cut the King today!