Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thoughts on Restrictions and Connections

Howdy from the land of sore muscles and impatient patients!

I have just about as much patience as a waterfall. I don't know what I expected from the little retrofit but I am sure tired of fighting these sore calf muscles.

I was thinking about the comments on my last post and how this rag sheet is another way for folks to make connections with like minded people.Just think in 2011 how easy it is for a Cowboy in Texas to find a Doctor in Florida and a Professor in California that can connect with a Kick Boxing Man about fat loss.Will wonders never cease to amaze me!!

On the good side of the journey are the connections I make with folks that have taken this walk and failed and succeeded.The ones that admit they took a wrong turn and the ones that stayed close to the narrow trail.Notice I did not say the ones that never took a wrong turn---I get skeptical of those folks----their either the exception to the rule or a liar. But a connection is a connection , good or bad. We are all connected in our quest.

I was also thinking about the restrictions we place in our way.Restrictions like parties,holidays,surgeries and all the stuff we impose on ourselves.The simple damn excuses we use to take a break or just procrastinate.

I am after all my own worst enemy.

And finally, the thought entered my mind that the most success I can hope for is to use the Connections I find to help overcome the Restrictions I throw down in front of me.

See ya down the road

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
(from Bo Porter)Bury in on a Sunday, don't wait until the Monday.I don't want to start the new week feeling dead.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Committed

Howdy from the land of varmints on the porch and armadillos in the yard!

It is so dry in Texas (only second to the drought of 1956) the coons and foxes are on my porch every night eating cat food and waking me up.The armadillos are tearing up the yard something terrible where we water.AND something is gonna die!

Muata is back posting on his site. He has revised his focus and site but continues to share extremely good info.His message is the same, his method is evolving.

Over these 3 years that I have been on my journey, I have read many blogs , books and web sites about fat loss, weight loss, healthy eating,etc.Many of these sites have come and gone. Many started out as an average Joe telling his story and then turning commercial.Now I ain't got anything against a feller trying to make a few chips but sometimes the transition from "I just want to help ya" to "Send me a few bucks, I can solve your problem" just does not GEE HAW with me.Then there are the sites that start out gungho and after a few months are gone--poof!

There are two sites that are written by the COMMITTED. You know,the ones that have been over the road and around the bend and are still giving you their message. They are committed to helping others find the path that will lead to better health.

Now I might not agree with everything they write or maybe I agree but the method won't fit my life style but their message is consistent.Their support of others seems endless. I am sure it takes many hours away from their lives to write about these problems and solutions for the betterment of others. Perhaps their writing IS part of their lives.

At any rate, the Cowboy tips his hat to the COMMITTED---
Muata and Dr.J ----Muchas Gracices Compadre

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
If you want folks to look at you like you are nuts, Just try walking down the halls of the hospital using a walker and hollering "Get out of the way , I'm fixing to take off!"

Monday, July 18, 2011

OK get back to work

Howdy from the land of dry sand and brassy blue skies!

It is time I get my ass back to work. My knee is getting better each week and I am getting bored sitting all the time. The knee is getting well enough for me to want to get to doing somethings that I shouldn't ought to do. And , I just can't seem to listen to Janet when she says "wait until your are stronger".So I am back to work and going to therapy 3 times a week.

My goal is to get 120+ flex by Aug 5th.I also want to get back to walking next week at lunch (with out the vest).

I gained a little weight this month so the road continues. On a positive note, I got one knee out of two that is new and improved.