Monday, January 31, 2011

Against all odds

Howdy from the land of bad ass Super Bowl Commercials!

1.7 to 3 Million dollars! That is what a Super Bowl Commercial cost to air, not including what it cost to produce. Damn, there are some smart folks out there. But I'll tell ya one thing for dang sure---I ain't never eating Doritos again. I am NOT taking the chance that someone will grab my hand and suck my finger for the flavor!

With all the ads for food , drink,leisure ,pleasure,techno get it done now with no effort it is amazing the whole world is not so fat and lazy we can't move.I guess if everyone was 100 pounds over weight we would all be closer together---LOL---now that is funny , I don't care who ya are.

All kidding aside, I feel the odds are stacked against us , in our quest to be healthy. We are bombarded by ads for the "easy" way to do everything.We can't even change the TV channel without a remote. The ads on TV for food are so real I can almost smell the food. If there was a way to produce the smell of a doughnut and make it come out the speakers in my TV I would weight 600 pounds.The ODDS are against us.

We move so fast we can not write a letter, make a phone call nor cook supper---we email, text and drive thru.The ODDS are against us.

The solution? Hell eat anything you want and sit on your ass because for $19.95+ S/H you can order a bottle of pills , online of course, that will burn fat while you sleep!And , if all else fails you can order, direct from the TV, a 16 pound , multi-exerciser that comes with a free video on how in 20 minutes, three times a week you can look like Chuck Norris! The ODDS are stacked way up against us.

Alright ,alright,alright, slow down!I can climb this hill against all odds!It is simple really.Against all ODDS I have counted calories. I have smelled doughnuts and walked on by.I have aired up the tires on my old bike and not ordered the Chuck Norris Wiz Bang Ab Cruncher exercise machine.Against all ODDS a cowboy From Texas has read books, articles and 100s of success stories and found out a common theme---eat less, move more, lose fat!

Against all ODDS I am doing it! Against all ODDS you can do it!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I never said it was your fault, I just said I am gonna blame you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is a routine good or bad?

Howdy from the land of hay bales and range cubes!

It is a real winter for our country and the cows need feeding.That is the routine in the winter just like fertilizing and hay baling is the routine in the summer.

I have said before I have a harder time on weekends, watching what I eat. The routine I follow during the week is easier but can be boring as well.

My exercises routine tends to get boring sometimes and this week I changed it up ONE day and felt it. So, this is the scenario, I walk Monday and Thursday 2 1/2 miles without my vest, at lunch.After work I ride my bike 3 miles.After each mile I do a few BWE then ride the next mile.On Tuesday and Friday I walk 2 1/2 miles with my 40 lb. vest and then ride the same routine after work. On Wednesday I rest.

So this Wednesday I decide to ride my bike after work and also to just ride 3 miles without stopping to do any BWE. No problem, got er done. But Thursday morning my thighs are sore. Not bad sore but sore and tight until 10-11a.m.Now isn't it funny how just a little change in routine can have a noticeable effect.

So my question is ---is a routine good or bad? Is it better to vary your routine and if so how often? Or does varying your routine then mean you have NO routine.If a routine is easier to follow , then is not following a routine better because your body ain't READY to burn 218 calories and that is it?

Actually, that is more than one question, but you get my drift.

What do you think? Huh?

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
It seems to me, it seems to be , the higher a squirrel climbs up a tree, the smaller his feet seem to be , it seems to me.(If ya know me, ya know I cleaned that Pearl up)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It is the season

Howdy from the land of wet sand and green winter grass!

Yep, it is the season. The season for winter grass to green up and sausage to be put in the smoke house.Me and Janet made sausage Saturday and the stuffer Mac gave me for Christmas is broke in!I just love the smell of a newly seasoned smoke house.

Home made sausage is nutrition and delicious, like the man said---it will pick you up where you are low down and strengthen you where you are weak. On top of that it is damn fun to make!No young folks sausage just doesn't appear at the HEB by magic.

We worked Saturday at making this batch of sausage and by the time we got it on smoke it was 2:30 and I had forgot to eat lunch. My my but time flies when you are having fun. Needless to say, my balance sheet came out + for calorie burn for the weekend , which is good because weekends are always a challenge for me.

I am doing real good at getting back on the right road to complete my journey down the fat loss highway in 2011.With the detours I made in 2010 I got to back track a little but when I get back to the steep hill I plan on going over the top kinda like a Tom Cat skinning a tree!

Stay tuned, we will sample some fresh sausage in a day or two!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Every body ought to have a Treasure Box to keep their Life's Treasures in.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

spitting in my hand

Howdy from the land of snow geese and field larks!

When I was younger and just antsy about something, I would tell my Mother "I wish I had this or I wish I had that". She would tell me to "Wish in one hand and Spit in the other, and see which one gets full the fastest".Ya just can't beat them old "Pearls"!

Now for a lot of years, decades really, I WISHED I wasn't fat. I WISHED I was in better shape. I WISHED --well --I WISHED a lot of wishes---and guess what? not one damn one of them came true. I never woke up weighting 195 pounds. I never walked out of an eerie fog and felt I could sprint to the top of a mountain.Neither hand had one thing in them.Funny how them old "Pearls" are so true sometimes.

Now for the last couple of years I have been SPITTING in one hand and my, my---but things are a changing. Now, it has not been easy to keep SPITTING in that hand but the discomfort is beginning to pay off.

I see people all around that are becoming more conscious of their health and their weight. Many of them are taking significant steps to improve their health/weight. Some are taking the 2--1 steps, you know 2 forward and 1 back.But Hey, at least they are thinking and acting. The 2--1 step is natural.I did it several times and will likely do it again.

To all who think they will never get to where they WISH to be---You can , if I can You can--all ya got to do is quit WISHING and start SPITTING.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Never tell a women with GUESS on her sweat shirt --Implants?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I ain't gonna vs. I don't wanna

Howdy from the land of cloudy skies and chilly north winds!

Been kinda cold and gloomy in South Texas for several days.It makes me want to stay inside and rub my hands and knees while sitting beside a fire.

Tuesday when I went outside to walk at lunch it was 38 degrees and a north wind at 26mph gusting to around 33. When the track turns into the wind it made me wonder if it was worth it.I walked my 2 1/2 miles all the while thinking I don't want to ride my bike after work if the wind is this bad.

Now I did not say " I ain't gonna" ride, I said "I don't wanna ride". Why? Because a long time ago I had a smart man tell me "Don't say you ain't gonna, say you don't wanna----I don't wanna is easier to take back".

After I got back from my walk in the wind I felt good and by quitting time I said "hells bells , let us go ride a bike". I wanted to ride. Low and behold the wind was down to around 15mph.

Now it would have been just as easy for me to have talked myself out of riding , during my noonday walk.

I have found the best days to walk, ride or generally burn calories are the days that I really don't wanna do it. I feel the best when I get done.3 years ago this was not the case, 3 years ago I would have made my mind up at noon that I ain't gonna do it at 5pm. Now,it is far better to find a reason to "do it" than an excuse to "not to".

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Compromise my ass---if I agreed with you , we would both be wrong.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Shift inspiration

Howdy from the land of baby calves and sausage making!

Ya know sometimes I just crack myself up!

Now if anyone of you could drive along behind me coming to or from work you would think I am crazy. I talk to myself and I can not talk without using my hands. So , at times I look like a mad man in the truck---but hey---I win the argument!

Anyway, this morning I am driving along and talking about all the folks that have inspired me to lose fat. It all started with Lelia and went to Muata, John,Izz,Tony, Dr.J, Amy and on and on.Then I hit me---I'm leaving someone out and that someone now plays a bigger role in keeping me going and being inspired.That someone is ME!

I have had 2-3 folks tell me I inspired them, but I never thought that I have at times inspired myself. I think this shift comes on gradually kinda like shifting from focusing on food as entertainment and making it more just fuel.

So here is to ME!!And here is to YOU !! Inspire yourself to improve yourself for yourself.

I am beginning to realize if I improve my health I gain more than good health. And other folks gain from my improvement.

On a note about calorie burning---I have been walking at lunch but have scaled back to 2 1/2 miles each day and wearing my weighted vest every other day (helps my knees). I am also going back across to the track after work and riding my bike 2 miles, with a few BWE in between each mile. So far so good. I will gradually increase bike riding but do not plan on increasing stress on them knees until I get new hinges put in.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I think if everyone just burped and farted more, there would be a whole lot less cancer in the world---that stuff just needs to get out!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Win Loose or Draw ?

Howdy from the land of new beginnings and old lessons!

Well, my fair haired friends we have ourselves a brand new year. One filled with high hopes and old issues.I took a little vacation and when I came back to reality I read a buddy's blog---Lean and Mean aka John Zimmer.He was looking back on 2010 which we all tend to do.He mentioned that 2010 was a waste because he had gained weight instead of losing.

I was thinking about this post for several days and decided to look back briefly at the Winners, Losers and Drawers (that just don't sound right but you get my drift) for the year.

I started out 2010 at 223.2 lbs. of lovable wonder.The same day in 2011 I weigh 227.2,that is a gain of 4 lbs.Now there have been several UPS and DOWNS throughout the year. At first glance this would be a LOSER.But not so fast Young Grasshopper!During the year I conducted several experiments on my Fat Lose Journey. I went 6 weeks without weighing myself, not ready for that yet.I pushed my knees past their limit with weighted vests and miles on the track,not a good outcome. I took the Wilderness Athlete Challenge, the meal replacing shakes are good but I miss CHEWING.

In each of my experiments I learned something or re-enforced something I already knew.

What you might ask?
1.Consistency is the key to losing fat---Winner
2.I have to find what works for me,no one can just sell me a plan---Winner
3.Only I have control of my trip and the trip is worth it because I am worth it---Winner
4.It is just MATH---Winner
5. The hard part of my trip is still ahead of me---Winner/Loser??
6.I may not have lost what I wanted to in 2010 but I get another shot today---Winner
7.I can eat tuna everyday for lunch or drink a shake, don't matter---300 calories is 300 calories---Draw
8.If I eat Chinese cookies by the bag full I gain weight---Duh---Loser
9.Boredom is a weight gaining bitch for me---Loser
10.There are many successful people out there that have lost fat and have gone thru the same issues I have, and I know where to find them---Winner
11. In a trip like mine there will be ups and downs, how I react to these is what makes me a Winner or a Loser

All in all, 2010 was a winner for me and it was a winner for my buddy John. We both learned to adjust some and we both made the decision to move forward.I win everyday I think I can do better because----A MER I CAN !!

Come do some math with me. Muata,Dr.J and John are right, it is all JUST MATH.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Calorie is KING, cut the King today!