Friday, September 9, 2011

Roundy round

Howdy from the land of cool mornings and smoky skies!

I made 8 rounds on my bike today,at the track. I even left from the admin building and did not drive across to the park, like I have been.My quad is tight but feels really good.I went up the stairs with no hands and came down with only my thumb on the hand rail----damn Sam but it's getting better!

Next week I intend on 8+ miles each day at lunch, continuing the stairs 2-3 times each day AND working more BWE into the mix. So far so good!

If I can continue to improve at this rate ,September will be a good month.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
The question of the month is---
If you voted for Obama last time to prove you were not a racist, who will you vote for this time to prove you are not an idiot?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad situation

Howdy from the land of folks endeavoring to persevere!

A north wind blew into Texas on Sunday.I was still trying to recover from cooking for the Rat Killing on Saturday.We pulled that little party off with 200 pounds of meat cooked and about 6 pounds left over.We even managed to get several compliments on the taste and texture. I can't take all the credit, Mac came down from OKC and helped me cook and I could not have managed without his help.

When the norther blew in it was NOT cool, it was 101 and dry as a popcorn fart.The wind Sunday was blowing 20-25 with gusts to 35 and Texas started to burn. We had 60+ fires start around the state. In Bastrop County (east of Austin) one fire has burned 30,000 acres and destroyed over 600 homes. It is a sad situation.As of Tuesday, there is no containment to this fire. 5000 folks fled their homes , most with only the clothes on their backs. 4 poor souls have lost their lives.It is truly a sad situation.

It is events like this that really put things into perspective for me.I sit around trying to decide what I don't want to OR shouldn't eat while folks 70 miles up the road not only don't have anything to eat----they ain't got a kitchen to cook in!

Yesterday and today the weather is cool. It feels as if fall is on the way.The cool mornings seem to bring a fresh sense of hope.

I managed to get 5 miles yesterday on my bike.The goal this week is to add 1 mile per day. I am also doing leg lifts 3 times a day to strengthen this quad.Improvements are coming with fall, I can feel it.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Don't bitch because your shoes are worn, some folks got no feet.