Friday, May 28, 2010

June Cycle

Howdy from the land of retiring wives and expecting mothers!

Well I have given thought to the remainder of my fat loss journey and the last mountain to climb is gonna start with a June Cycle.The month of June and up to July 4 I am gonna start a rip roaring calorie deficient cycle of varying BWE sessions and walking.

My plan is to press a CONSISTENT routine very hard for 5 solid weeks and then rest up for 2 weeks.

My plan is to do some fast paced BWE that are easy on my knees several times a week and mix in 4 sessions of push ups and dumbbells in the same week. I will walk with my vest 4 days a week and ride my rusty old bike 2-3 times.

My goal is to burn around 32-3500 calories a day and eat less than 2000.WHAT A PLAN----can I get an AMEN?

As I see it right now , the only thing that can possibly get in the way of my plan could be Kolt Nolan Laas, but I think he will understand if Grandpa has to go walk---for I'll be back.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Don't say you AIN'T gonna, say you don't WANT TO----that is a whole hell of a lot easier to take back.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A consistant week

Howdy from the land of house projects and planting wisteria vines!

One thing I am in need of improving to move farther down the fat loss highway, is consistency.Like I have said before, during the week I do real well. On the weekends , not so well.

This past weekend I put more thought into what I was eating and wore my Caltrac all weekend.The Caltrac read around 3300 calories both Saturday and Sunday so that was good.My eating was a whole lot better and I felt better to start the week out.There was no bounce from Friday morning to Monday morning. I guess that shows a Consistent week is Seven days long.

I am still working on finding ways to burn some extra calories that my knees won't raise hell about and breaks up the monotony.I get a little tired after a few weeks of the same routine.

If Consistency is a key ingredient to my journey , planning will bring it about.I have been giving some thought to pre-planning a 4-6 week routine and working on it starting June 1 thru ,say, July 4.I'll let ya know how detailed I get the plan to be.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Life is like a jar of jalapenos----what you do today may burn your ass tomorrow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Need knee grease

Howdy from the land of dewberries and mustang grapes!

I think I am gonna have to find some knee grease. I take trigosamine and plenty of ibuprofen, but I think them rusty old knees are getting worse. I have been trying to increase my walk at lunch by one lap (1 mile)and I'm not having much luck. One day I can get er done the next the knees hurt too bad to get there.

I am gonna try riding my old bike some in the evening and see if I can boost my calorie burn as I have not been able to walk at lunch AND on the treadmill on the same day for several weeks----knee thing again.Maybe the bike will help burn some calories and keep the pressure off the joints.

I could really tell my knees are getting worse, and I am used to a lot of pain, because some of the video from our trip to Van Horn shows me walking around on the mesa like Walter Brennan walked on TV. You know the hop along gait, throwing your arms up with each step.Well that is what I'm doing. I guess it takes some weight off my knees when I do that, sure makes me look like a crippled up old fart though.

One good thing about BOTH knees hurting, is, it evens out me wanting to limp.

See ya down the road.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
When ya need a drink, go to the head of the stream.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea for two

Howdy from the land of whippoorwills and box turtles!

The whippoorwills are back, they move in around the house when summer comes. I heard two calling the other night. They make a wonderful sound at night. Growing up as a kid we called them Bull Bats because they flew around the street lights at night like bats and ate bugs. Their calls at night would scare Tessa as a little child , as we did not have AC back then their calls were loud at bed time.I am getting old enough to have childhood memories of two childhoods----mine and my kids.

One real treat Janet and I had in B.C. was having tea for two at Buchart Gardens. I never had "TEA" before, not the British Tea. I have never had hot tea nor even coffee in my life. Ice tea with sugar , you betcha, hot tea ? nope.

Well, it was a treat. Seems it is like lunch to us. Damn hot tea, was not bad. Then ya get a three tier tray with finger foods. I never had a cucumber sandwhich and I'll have to say it was better than I thought.All the food was real good and I got to sit around and act like well to do folks. I tried hard not to act like too much of a hick but it is hard to hide "country comes to town".

Now you might say that this is a dumb post , but I beg to differ. This post shows me I have come a long way from a guy that 35 years ago would not wear a pull over shirt of any kind because of my fat and man boobs. Back then there was no way in hell I would wear a set of swim trunks---maybe ,maybe cut off blue jeans---more than likely I would swim in jeans. Now I have tried a few different things and have found most pretty dat gum enjoyable!

If I had not begun to try new and different things in my life I would still be saying I am fat because of Grandma's genes and looking for a pill to cure my obesity.

And the best part about trying a few new things is I got to file away a memory of me and the love of my life having TEA for TWO in Buchart Gardens -----and that young grasshopper is PRICELESS.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Go try something new, if ya don't like it , don't do it again,lesson learned.

Monday, May 17, 2010

vacation over ,back to work

Howdy from the land of thunder showers and lightening flashes!

Well, me and my bride went off on vacation last week and had a swell time.We went and saw the flowers in Victoria British Columbia. Man it was pretty.

We noticed several things while we were up there. The service was wonderful, the country side was clean---no litter.The food was great, but mostly they eat "healthy".No salt on the tables at the cafe. The eat lots of whole grains and fruits and fish.

They seem to re-cycle everything.

Also,they move a lot---no no not moving from house to house---there are a lot of people riding bicycles to work (even in suites) and hundreds jogging here and there. Skateboarding down the streets and walking to work.

We also noticed, you don't see near as many morbidly obese folks there and most of the ones you see are tourists.

I found the fitness room at the hotel and road the bike for 45 minutes each day as my knees were hurting from all the travels. It is funny how different muscles are used on the bike than walking. I got a little sore, but it got me thinking how I need to vary my practice sessions so not to get in a rut.

Back today , it is back to work, back to reality, back to a routine.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Don't dwell on what MIGHT happen, cause it MIGHT NOT, take control and move forward.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have I suffered?

Howdy from the land of drying wild flowers and mesquite thorns in tractor tires!

The pretty spring wild flowers are drying up quick and going to seed. Once again South Texas needs rain , pretty bad.

A question was asked of me yesterday that I had to put some thought to.I was asked if I had suffered much losing the all the fat I have lost.

First of all, I have not lost all the fat----I have just lost some of the fat I want/need to lose.

Secondly, NO, I have not suffered.I don't think of it like that. I have wanted to eat a doughnut and maybe I have fantasized about a piece of pie, but suffer?? No,I have felt hungry sometimes and wanted to eat from boredom on other times, But suffer? No, I just don't look at it like that.

I think one of the things that have been a big part of me getting this far down the fat lose highway has been the way I have come to look at things.
Things like
I don't diet, I eat better
I don't workout, I practice
I don't stay away from BAD foods--there are no BAD foods
I don't cheat,I try and make better choices
I am not to blame for my weight, I am responsible
I don't dislike myself,but I am not satisfied where I am at
I don't always make the best choice, but I try to learn something when the choice is not the best
Doughnuts are not evil, but my doughnut gluttony is dumb

Maybe if more folks looked at things a little differently , they would have a different outcome.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
I think we would all be better off if more people would ride for the brand.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I ain't ready

Howdy from the land of baby showers and traveling families!

I ain't ready to give up my tools of fat loss.Friday was scale day weighed 223.6 ---that means I gained 6.4 pounds.I ain't too smart but I know that is not the right direction.

Along with some weight gain I also had some muscle expansion and I learned quite a bit too. I learned I ain't ready to quit writing down what I eat. I learned I ain't ready to quit weighing each day . I learned that guessing at what I am doing is not the right method ---at this time.

Now maybe some of the weight gain was muscle, maybe some was fluid----maybe, maybe's ass, I just don't know. One thing I know for sure, this trip has been an education.

So here I go , moving on down the road.Back to basics, using all the tools I can find.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
I got to KNOW, not think I know.