Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a mess

Howdy from the land of house upgrades and mess up to clean ups!!

Well it has been a busy week. We have been upgrading around the house, you know with the new millennium and all.We decided to put in a water softener and that lead to cleaning out the pump house and that lead to a big mess in the yard which lead to more work and more mess. But it is done and we now have soft water.

Since this week has been so busy and my routine has been so crazy (you know I like my routine)so I decided I would try a little experiment.I have not written down what I have been eating this week and I have not weighed this week.I am trying to maintain where I was at the end of last week. I will weigh again Monday morning and see where I am at.

Now this is just a short term experiment because I am not near ready for maintenance , I have a long ways to go before that points comes.However , I thought it would be good to see how I do.

I'll keep you posted as to the outcome.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
You can just put off your wife so long, then ya need soft water.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You lie !

Howdy from the land of Honest Injuns and Good Cowboy pieces of advice!

Yep, yesterday I fella called me a liar.Well now, I guess if I am honest , I have told a lie or two in my day.But I wasn't lying to him. And besides, if I was lying , how the hell would he know?

Anyway, this is the stage, fella came into the office and I had not seen him in several months.Now , you might need to understand that we have 1500 employees here and 3000 or so contractors and I may see someone everyday and then again I may see someone once a year.So, this man sees me and says "wow, you sure lost a lot of weight". Well sir, we talked for a while and he goes about his business.

After a while he comes back to my office and sits down. then the quiz starts----how did ya do it?EAT LESS MOVE MORE ----no really what have you been eating, all salads I bet! NO NOT REALLY,I CUT OUT MOST PROCESSED FOODS BUT EAT ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT---no way , what are you really doing, gastric surgery I bet!NO ----you have to be doing something!WELL, I COUNT CALORIES IN AND OUT---there is more to it than that! NOT REALLY , IF ALL YOU EAT IS A SNICKERS CANDY BAR FOR BREAKFAST,LUNCH,AND SUPPER YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT, THEY TOTAL 900 CALORIES.

Then he began to piss me off---he says , as serious as a heart attack----"YOU ARE A LIAR".

Well, I thought about trying to explain further to him, but then I thought---hells bells---I ain't got time for this.It seems that some people just don't want to believe in anything except the same old crap they heard on TV.

Anyways, I guess I'm a lier, because he said so and his mind is a whole lot smaller than his ass/belly.

Eat less, Move more, Live life, Be happy, Work hard, Play harder,Go see some sights,Help someone, Give somebody a kind word----------but don't call me a liar---especially when I ain't.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
You just can't trust a dog to watch yer food.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Create a calorie burnin machine

Howdy from the land of Red Agave and Cow Tongue Prickley Pear!

We had a great weekend around the Laas' house. Cooked some Oryx stew and had some friends and family over Saturday evening. It was cool enough for a camp fire and we had a right fine visit.Several people brought their dogs and they had a fine ole time also.

Over the weekend I needed to mow my yard. Now I have a riding mower that I share with Mac, but last week I bought a walk behind. I said to myself--"myself, why in the hell do you want to ride on a mower and then walk around a track?".So, I got a walk behind and I can cut the grass AND burn calories.

Both days over the weekend I needed to shoot one of my rifles, that I had put a new scope on.So when I get down to my shooting table and sent the first round down range I say to myself---"myself, instead of looking thru the spotting scope to see where you hit, why not walk down there and look?" Well, the upshot of that is, I get to burn some calories, get to let my rifle barrel cool, get to relax between shots AND get to enjoy the day more.

If I just look around at my day to day activities , I can find more and more ways to burn calories.Like parking at the store, you ever notice people driving around and around to get right next to the door.And then they drive over to the gym!!

So, gradually, as I travel down this road I find more ways to increase my calorie burning.And it all adds up. How do I know you ask? Well my Caltrac tells me how much active calories I burn. Take an hour of mowing the grass on Saturday was around 275 calories and that sweet heart ain't nothing to sneeze at!

Let me know how many ways you can think of to increase my calorie burn.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
When you fall down, ya might as well look around for what you can do while yer down there.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Doughnut Test

Howdy from the land of chewed up shoes and high humidity!

Man, where the hell is the fall weather? Feels like summer the past few days, high humidity and 90 degrees. And yes, Hoppy, the Lab ate another shoe of mine. He acts just like a child sometimes---gets mad and chews on my shoe when I let him get inside the house and don't take him to the barn.

Well, one of my office partners ,I got, brought doughnuts today. Not one box , but three boxes. All kinds, glazed ones, covered one, filled ones-----every damn one with lots of sugar. SO---the test is on, some days I can resist doughnuts very easily, some days not so easy. I guess today is ---not so easy. But I am gonna do my part to keep looking at them and telling myself that the damn doughnuts will be better on her butt than own mine.LOL

It is strange how my craving for things or maybe I should say, my desire for things like doughnuts change with my moods. I never noticed things like this before I had been on this fat loss journey for several months.

It's is about time to go Full Pak Tracing across the road. After I get that done the doughnuts will be a very small issue the rest of the day------TEST SCORE----A+.

Test yerself now and then it is good for you.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Don't interfere with something that ain't bothering you none.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another mouth to feed in California

Howdy from the land of 300 Win. Mags and Mathews Bows!

Muata and his lovely wife had a baby boy last week.From the picture on his site Muata Jr. looks like a fine young feller.Now the road Muata has been on, teaching ,practicing,eating right,writing, mentoring and filming himself, is gonna get even more complicated. I bet he enjoys it a lot.

What a roll model Jr. will have when he is big enough to understand.

This fat loss trip that I have been on uses a good deal of time up , just thinking about what I am eating , what I am gonna eat, how much this weighs, how many calories does it have ----it does take a good deal of planning. Now I am not complaining only stating facts.I used to never give a tinkers damn what food weighed or how many calories it had----I also used to weigh 305 pounds----so you can see the correlation.

Now to stay on track and moving down the road I want to be on, I have to use some of my time on planning. I notice that the busier I get the more effort it takes to plan.It is much easier for me when I am in my Monday thru Friday routine. I am a creature of habit.

The weekends are much harder for me than the weekdays. I expect they are for everyone. Seems I can find less time to plan and more time to make up some bull shit excuses , on the weekend. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to work harder at planning on the weekend.

For those out there that seem to run out of time with their fat loss planning, hang in there ,the results are worth the efforts.Stay with me and we can work the kinks out of the busy times together.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
Most of the crap that people worry about ain't never gonna happen anyway.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Find some support

Howdy from the land of army worms and sneaky snakes!

I have been thinking about my support group and it's role in my fat loss journey.Now I know I am very lucky in having my main squeeze Janet and my kids and family pulling for me in my trip down the road.They are and will continue to be very important to my success in this trip.

I have heard about other folks that were sabotaged by friends and family when they were trying to lose fat.I know some of these type folks around and to tell the truth I have just quit talking with them, they wear me out and frankly I don't have time to argue with their dumb asses.I got a road map and I am gonna follow it.

There is also a support group out there that anyone can join and it is free.It is the blog community. There are thousands of folks with the same issues I have out there.The beauty part of this community is, once you educate yourself enough to set your own road map, you can find hundreds of like minded people that will show you support without you even having to ask for it. AND you will come to realize you are an important part of THEIR success too.WHAT A DEAL!!!!

I can not begin to explain the benefits I have experienced from the support of people that I have never meet, people like Muata,Is,Tony ,John,Dr.Kal, Dr.J, Lynn, Linda,Jeanne and the list goes on.The point is I should not ever think I am alone in this trip or that there is no one that really understands what I am going thru or where I am at------because there are folks that do and they will tell ya----been there, done that and you can make it!!

Go out and get ya some support, it's there. Me, I am gonna keep walking down my fat loss road, around the curves and over the hills. And some day me and my friends are gonna jump up and holler ----HOT DAMN WERE HERE!!

Come travel down the road with me , we'll have some fun along the way.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
It don't take a very big feller to carry a grudge.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I ain't dear Abby-but

Howdy from the land of washed out gravel roads and rain frogs singing a song!!

Yep , we had more rain this weekend. Sunday morning it rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock. The rain frogs are all happy and singing--more rain--more rain!Let er fall I ain't scared.

It is always thrilling to me when I check my little blog and see someone left me a comment. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.I never thought anyone much would read my writing.Over the weekend I had a comment that asked me a couple of questions.I thought about just answering the comment with a comment. Then after giving it some thought and asking for some advice from my technical advisor (Janet) I feel it might be better to write a post about it.

I am not going to duplicate the whole comment, you can go read the entire thing, but I want to address several points in the text.

First,Quiltblue says it is miraculous that I have lost so much weight with pure determination.It is and it isn't----yes I have lost a goodly amount of fat, I have a long ways to go yet. But I did not accomplish this thru pure determination. I do not think I have any more determination or will power than the next person. I think I am willing to walk down my fat loss road because to stay in the place I was in OR the place I am in now is worse than the effort to move down the road.Along with my will power or determination I had to have EDUCATION , PLANNING , and the SUPPORT of others. I read and re-read books and blogs that made sense to me, that fit my life style and that I felt "fitted" me.I planned , I wrote down goals ( achievable ), I had a short term goal(this month) and a longer term goal (maybe 6 months). All of my goals have been continuously developing and expanding.I had support of my wife and my kids and literally hundreds of weight loss bloggers that I have never meet but are in the same struggle I am in. Some of these folks I can relate to a great deal , some not so much, but all are important to my journey.

Quiltblue also made note of my "comedic side" and asks if it helps me in my ability to lose weight.No , not in my ability.Some folks say I'm funny , some folks say I'm weird, me I guess I try to see the humor in life. I think we all take ourselves way to seriously. I mean crap we are around for what 75 years and then we die. And the world keeps turning.I find humor as often as I can partly to deal with my demons, my way.Partly, I find that as a species Humans are just screwed up and funny to watch. No other animal eats themselves into morbid obesity just because "it feels good or I deserve it".

Quiltblue asks if I have any advise.

On 2-5-09 I started blogging and I said then that I would not give others advise, I don't think I am qualified.I will only tell you #1 each one of us has to find their own path #2 what path I chose and how it worked.

I started by luck----I came across which lead me to Dr.Ellis' book Ultimate Diet Secrets Light. I read and re-read these. I also found , and dozens of others. All of these are success stories, all worth reading and important to me.I wrote down and still write down everything I eat and how many calories it has in it.I found the Caltrac devise that computes my calorie burn. So now I know both my intake and my output.

I started walking, then after several months started doing Body Weight Exercises. And I rushed it and hurt my back and hips.I then planned a better plan and started gradually getting stronger.

I weigh twice each day, I measured myself, I looked at myself naked from every angle and I was disgusted. I continue this self evaluation today.

I wrote down my goals. I had short term goals (this month) and longer term goals. But I did not have a goal of say to lose 100 pounds, because honestly I did not have that kind of confidence to start with. My small successes have fueled more goals and more successes.

I started blogging about my Journey , and thanks are due to Janet and Muata (from mrlowbodyfat) for getting me started. I has helped a bunch. I have learned a huge amount about myself and my relationship with food.

I have learned I am addicted to sugar, I deal with it.

I have learned I have control of my body, always did. I was not morbidly obese because of my genes, not because of grandma's cooking, not because I was lazy. It was because I took in more than put out. The Energy Equation is the Golden Rule.

Most important thing to me is----do I want to stay here as I am or move farther down the fat loss road?---I moving.Why? because I can , I have control, it is up to me not my wife not my doctor not anyone but me.

Well, this post is kinda long but I think it was worth saying. I hope this helps not only Quiltblue but anyone else reading it.If you are in my situation, please start your journey, it is worth the effort.You are worth the effort, I know , I am and if I am you are-----start today not tomorrow----tomorrow is the fat mans friend.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
The biggest trouble maker you'll ever have to deal with, watches you in the mirror every morning.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tips from the Doc

Howdy from the land of flu symptoms and chicken noodle soup!

No,I don't have the flu myself but folks all around are dropping like the cock roaches in a Raid commercial.

If ya haven't figured it out yet, I read several blogs that encourage me to stay the course on my fat loss journey. The main one is Every time Muata posts a clip several folks will comment about his posts. I read them all. I agree with some and disagree with others, but gain a little something from every single one.

One person that comments often is Dr.Kal.You might have guessed he is a doctor and a weight loss success to boot.He has a sight that is worth checking sight, lots of good information.

In his most recent comment , Dr. Kal said he tells patients about his FOUR "P"s of weight loss success:
Positive thinking

Now I am here to tell ya that a year and a half ago I would not have thought each of his "P"s were that important. Today they hit the nail on the head.

I have to "P"lan---where I am at, where I want to go and how to get there.

I have to think "P"ositively and avoid the nay sayers----case in point , if you think I can't complete my trip, to hell with you,get the hell away from me, I ain't got time for that crap!

I have to be "P"atience---I did not get in this shape over night and I will not get to the end of my journey for a while yet.

"P"erseverance--continue steadfastly or determinedly---enough said.

I am with you Dr. Kal!!

Get yourself four "P"s, I have and so far so good.

Oh yea, Thursday morning, 10-1-09 I weighed 215.2---------89.8 pounds of pure ass butter dripping paper towel soaking lard is -------gone.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Life is like a pie crust sometimes, try as you might to hold it together, sometimes the damn thing is just too flaky.