Friday, April 29, 2011

Therapy in the written word

Howdy from the land of stink bugs and whippoorwills!

You know it is summer in Lavaca County when you hear the whippoorwills calling in the night. The sound used to scare Tessa when she was a small child. I think it is a wonderful sound during the summer time.

I was having a conversation with my boss and another co-worker about Darren writing a book about his wife and the ordeal she has gone thru with her heart failure and recent (and exceedingly fantastic) heart transplant. Darren was saying how he thought his writing a book about it might help someone. The co-worker, communications genius, and a very good writer in his own right, was saying how it would really help Darren's kids understand what went on. He also thought Darren was correct about it helping others.

My take on the most important aspect of this endeavor is it will help Darren more than he realizes to write down what HE went thru.The written word is good therapy.

In my journey, there have been numerous positive moments.Granted there have been some bummers but mostly good stuff has come along while I have been on this trip.Muata told me the education I would get would be more valuable than the weight I would lose. He was mighty right!With Muata and Janet encouraging me to start this blog I have given myself a double dose of therapy all along the road.Sometimes I have had to stop and really think ---"do you want to admit that OR ya think that might not be real honest"---therapy, yep that what it has been for me.

I think that is what it will be for Darren.

As time goes along, I have changed the way I approach my fat loss journey. I have experimented with different methods while looking for a common destination.The same holds true with my attempt at writing. I change what I want to say quite often and post about how my methods have come together or fallen apart. I can go back and read old posts and say "man if I had only known then what I know now".You know what you call that?? EDUCATION---THERAPY

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
If you think nobody cares anymore, just try missing a few payments.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Driving and breathing

Howdy from the land of drafty sand and grasshoppers!

I live 60 miles from where I work.So I have a fair commute each day.I have always had a fair commute to where I make my money, it ain't no big deal.

I was going over the hill and around the curve this morning just a singing along to Red ( folks that live along the highway probably thought the cat was caught in the drier)and I got to thinking just how good I felt. I actually feel good while driving. Why? Because I can drive and breathe. Yea yea yea, I could always drive and breathe but sitting behind the wheel took an effort. I was not comfortable.I was cramped, heavy chested and the passenger seat was way worse.

It feels so much better to be able to sit behind the wheel and breathe. Damn, it is the little things in life that make such BIG differences.

Oh yea! AND I can really let it all out when I'm singing too!

I guess we never realize how much better we feel until we quit hurting.Nor did I realize how much I hurt until I began to quit hurting.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Be careful you don't ring a bell that can't be un-rung.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I can't fix this

Howdy from the land of wild fires and tired fire fighters!

Thankfully, the wild fires around home have been few and small. North and West Texas are not so lucky.

I have been struggling with this post for several days.In my mind I write about things in my life and how they connect with my fat loss journey. I do not know if this one will connect.

I look at myself as a fixer---you know someone that works problems out and gets things fixed. Whether this issue is a broke down lawn mower or how can we build some thing for someone with out spending much money ( because you know, poor folks got poor ways);I can generally fix the issue.That is what I do at work, fix issues. If someone tears something up they call Bill.If something needs fixing here I go.On one hand it can be frustrating at times being the Fixer , on the other hand being the Fixer makes me feel needed.All in all,being the Fixer is good.

Well, Janet's Lab Hoppy has been under the weather for a couple of months. Come to find out the poor dog has Prostrate Carcinoma at the age of 4 1/2. The vet said it is rare, I told the vet it sure is.Hoppy is a rare dog.

I have had dozens and dozens of dogs.Hoppy is the most intelligent and with out a doubt the most eager to please of any dog I have ever been around.He has more personality than any dog I have known.

There is not much anyone can do for him and I can not fix it.I hate that fact.

I can tell Hoppy does not feel well and does not want to eat his meds, but he will try best he can to please me, because that is the kinda dog he is.I can see him going down hill and I can not fix that.

Because we live in a rural area our local vet sent me to San Antonio with Hoppy to get him ultra sounded at a speciality Vet clinic.I had to call Janet while she was watching Little Man Kolt and tell her what they found.I could hear her pain on the phone, and I could not fix that.

Well,this is part of the cycle we all experience in life I guess.We get to see the sun rise by watching the sunset.Like I said before, sometimes being the Fixer is good , sometimes it sucks.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Today, there just ain't no Pearl

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The load we carry

Howdy from the land of steer roping's and buckle contests!

Mac was at a roping last weekend and we went and watched. Little Man Kolt won his first buckle when his Uncle Mac entered him up in the "pull the ribbon off the goat's tail" contest.Great fun for all the kids!Tessa has to get him a belt now!

With all the BS rhetoric in Washington about the budget we should all think about our debt. When I get to listening to these thieves we send to run our country talk about whose fault this mess is, it just makes me sick.

Two things I know for sure about DEBT is #1 credit is wonderful, when ya want something right now #2 debt has already spent the money you MIGHT make next week.

I was told one time the American people are the most optimistic people in the world---why? just look at the credit card debt we have, we are betting the farm on what we think will come in the future!

It is the same with the Obesity problem we have. We borrow from our future so we can pig out today.We mortgage our body because we have no sense of living within our means.Instead of using our minds as we go along thru life and eating for fuel, we tend to use food as a freaking reward for everything. We never stop to consider what a load we are carrying and when the payment comes due. And rest assured the PAYMENT WILL COME DUE!

I have been trying to pay off some debts now for the better part of three years. It ain't been easy but it has been necessary.I am carrying a whole lot less load now and that is a good thing.

Stop and think about this----
Gold is the currency of Kings
Silver of Princes
Barter is of Peasants
And DEBT is the currency of Slaves

Pay now or pay latter---but pay we will.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Whimpy said "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" ,Popeye ate spinach.