Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't blame the Twinkie

Howdy from the land of burning brush piles and copperhead snakes!

 We could use a little rain but we are green enough to be able to burn brush piles. We have not been able to do that for 2+ years.

My practice sessions are going good and the weekends not bad at all.But I have one issue to talk about today. It is the blame game.

I can open a bunch of news clips and blogs and health articles and most are blaming McDonald's or Pizza Hut or cheap grocery stores for the obesity rate in the land of milk and honey. They blame sugar and carbs and trans fat,hell they even blame milk.About the only thing I haven't seen blamed is ME!

Well, I am hear to tell ya it ain't the cost of "healthy" food that made me Obese. It wasn't the lack of time preparing a meal that made my ass look like a blimp. It was ME!

How do I know---one little example---lunch today cost less than $2. It took 3 minutes to prepare. It was 2 hand fulls of carrots, one bag of tuna, 2 spoons each of pickle relish,mayo,celery. Bam lunch--healthy---quick ---cheap.

We have got to quit blaming someone or something else for our actions---least we start to sound like a damn politician. Like Earl Pitts would say-------WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
 Quit blaming the damn Twinkie, it wasn't the first one that did it ---it was the ninth one---and I am to blame for that one, too.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Howdy from the land of To Do Lists and Never Enough Hours!

I read several Blogs, maybe not everyday but I try to keep up with a few folks out there. Some I find very informative and some really funny. Once in a while one will piss me off, and I will write a bad ass to the point comment and most times delete it. It is after all their blog so who am I to argue.

It is obvious to me how folks evolve over the months and years with their Blog. Some folks stop blogging, some start posting about different stuff than weight loss and some move to an Excuse Blog. All in all, each one goes thru an evolution. Each one of us , that have a unique sick relationship with food drags our on cross and must try to find a way to stand the cross up or be crushed by it's weight.

I think most want someone, anyone really, to say ATTA BOY! That is because most of us really want to be able to tell ourselves ATTA BOY! but we don't think deep down we can. We don't see our own evolution taking place.

I guess there is a big difference between fat loss and being healthy. To me I guess fat loss is tied to a number on a scale. Some say that is not good. I say horse shit, my evolution has to start somewhere. Yours has to start somewhere too.

So many things effect my list of excuses, so many things effect my successes but only two things effect my desire to evolve in this endeavor---#1 my burning desire to keep trying and #2 King Calorie.

Now this post may sound as if I have taken a wrong turn again--no sir, things are going OK.I am moving in the right direction again. It is just an observation that crept into my mind while reading.

Another observation I have made is success and money don't like fat.I am not talking about inner happiness or self esteem, but purely good old fashion cash on the barrel head , moving up the ladder, show me the money success.It does not like fat. Take a good hard look at the place you make your beans at and see if there are more fat folks higher up the ladder than you OR thin ones?? But I think right now , this subject might be for another post.

For now, I will keep evolving.

OH YEA, legs are coming right around. Went back to wearing my vest on the track---24 pounds , 3 miles feeling stronger by the week.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
I got this one from Steven Tyler (that freaky rocker judge on IDOL)
The crows may crow ( I think he meant roosters) but the hens deliver the goods!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Magic fruit

Howdy from the land of snapping turtles and fish cranes!

Man oh man! have I got a plan!

Today on the news , I saw an article---well really an advertisement ---for a magic fruit that some brain child has found and all you have to do is (buy some oh course) eat the stuff and WHAM BAM you lose weight! Where the hell has this fruit been all my life?? I never finished the add, I got to laughing too much. Then I thought , hells bells,there ought to be a way for me to cash in on this deal.

So, today while I'm walking on the track at lunch, I am gonna really look around for me a MAGIC FRUIT or HERB or SOMETHING that I can market and WHAM BAM--I'll be rich and skinny?? Well, maybe my plan is not too well thought out.

Even if I came up with a MAGIC FRUIT, by the time I got it thru the SharkTank and into production the bottom would fall out of the Lose Weight Business and then I just be fat and fruit rich and dollar poor.

Oh well, at least part of my plan is sound----the part about walking at lunch.

See ya down the road.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Ya want to win the war on drugs??Set me up in the cocaine business, the bottom will fall out and everyone will get clean.