Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What hurricane?

Howdy from the land of cloudy skies and blowing winds!

Gal in the hall this morning said"to bad we can't walk today.The hurricane is coming".

What hurricane ?? The one going to Mexico?

I walked , got wet and the wind blew my hair---LOL.

I don't think I will drop below my historic low of 215 this month, although I feel like I have lost some fat. My jeans are looser in the legs---not in the belly. Man, that pisses me off!Damn belly fat has a suction like a shop vac.

Anyway I will let ya know what I weight at the end of the June Cycle.

My Cycle Off, is gonna be 2 weeks long, no BWE, no dumb bells no weight vest. I will walk at lunch with my tenny shoes ---no boots no vest. THEN--------

Bam , the next Experimental cycle begins.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Insanity : doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The game has 4 quarters

Howdy from the land of sand burs and stripped whip tail lizards!

When summer gets here I see sand burs and when I see sand burs I see stripped whip tail lizards. Them lizards scare the crap out of me around the shop! They seem to run a 100 miles an hour. I can remember catching them as a kid and tying a string around them for a leash.

My June Cycle is rolling along. I have seen several pound swings in my weight. Some of the swings don't make any sense to me. One Wednesday I was 6 pounds heavier than the day before.Fluid I suppose because the next day I swung the other way 6.4 pounds! Maybe I was full of crap??

I do like the Muata mix up BWE/dumb bell calorie burning method, I have been doing.I am getting stronger without really tiring of a routine.

I have had 2 of 3 real consistent weekends this cycle so far.

The game I have been on the last 2 years has 4 quarters for me.

The first quarter was my first 25 pounds of fat loss.This quarter was hard (I thought) and I learned alot about some problems I had.

The second quarter was from around 25-50 pounds of fat loss. This quarter was the worry quarter, I was worried I would not be able to fall below 250 pounds. I did and it felt like I had won the game.

The third quarter was from around 50-75 of fat loss and it was a breeze. I had the world by the ass on a down hill drag!I had learned alot about my nutritional wants & needs. All in all, this quarter I had the most confidence and I could see the end.

The fourth quarter is tuff ,long ,hot , hard, fun, discouraging, and humbling.It is turning into a long process. This quarter is going to be from 75-100 ( yes 100) pounds in length.I am about as determined to complete this quarter or blow a damn gasket , as I have ever been.I have come to the realization that the sports fans are correct----the game is won or lost in the fourth quarter.

Now , I know there are some folks that will say for me not to worry so much over the SCALE, but I am , I do and I ain't stopping until I win the trophy. This game has four quarters and I want and need to complete all four. I want my trophy, I want my MLBF tee shirt,I want a picture with my mentor.

Also, I am kinda like an Airedale Dog ( I ain't as dumb as I look), I know the game is rough and rocky but it is not as challenging as the post game show----but that is another subject to be discussed latter.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
If ya want it bad enough, figure a way to get it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

what a father's day

Howdy from the land of skunks and rats!

Welcome to the first day of summer.

I had one fine father's day, I hope everyone did as well as me.

I got to go see Kolt Nolan Laas at home with his Momma.Mac came in to support his sister and Tessa was all smiles. Janet is in hog heaven helping Tessa with Kolt and everyone is happy except Hoppy. Hoppy misses Janet but he will be OK when he sees Kolt.

My June cycle is kinda out of whack for the past several days but Sunday I began to get back on track. I think it will fall back in place today and I will move on down the road.

See ya down the road, on the track,on my BWE pad and under the dumb bell. Keep moving and shaking.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind on WEL
If ya put a drill on top of the step ladder, remember it is up there BEFORE you move the ladder-----oh my aching head!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grandpa here I come

Howdy from the land of early wake up calls!

Don,t look like I will walk at lunch today ,doing something better.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEl,

When the women out number you in the room, sit still and make sounds like a carrot.

Kolt Nolan Laas
4;14 pm
7lb 11 oz
20 "

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How much does sweat weigh?

Howdy from the land of wet tee shirts and stinky socks!

I got to thinking about how much sweat weighs while I was walking---Full Pak Trac today. If I was a scientist I guess I would know. After one mile I was pretty well wet. After two the sweat was dripping off the bill of my cap in the front and my head sweat in the back.

Seems like I can water the whole track, because I sweat as much as a hog.

To bad ya can't just sweat this damn fat off and it stay on the ground where it fell.

Oh well, if anyone finds out just exactly how much sweat weighs let me know.For now I guess I'll go home and sweat a little more.

My June cycle is going well, tomorrow is rest day.I can feel the extra BWE I have been doing and I am enjoying the Muata Mixup Program at night ( I come up with some real catchy names). I am tired but feel good too ( for a gentleman of my age---LOL---that still cracks me up).

Watch for me going down the road, I'll be the one with the wet shorts and socks on.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
A clear conscience is just a sign of a bad memory.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Find a silver lining in the junkie shop blues

Howdy from the land of yellow jackets and garden spiders!

I had one great active hot sweaty weekend sports fans!!Had over 2300 Active calories and 6400 total calories on my Caltrac for the weekend.Yippee!! And that ain't half bad for a gentleman my age---LOL.

Mowed grass ,worked under the house,moved stuff at the barn and then I did some maintenance work on my old welding shop. I have neglected the welding shop for a long time and need the space so I decided to do some repairs.Now I have been accused of being a pack rat and not being really----shall we say say ---NEAT.In fact when I finish with something I generally just drop it right where I stand so I can find it again.Why put it up?? Just go look right where I used it last and BAM there it is.

Anyway, I am at the shop working on some issues and I have to step over this and I trip over that.Well after three or two hours of this , along with the sweat, I get mad and throw something down, then I cuss a little(been know for that too)I sit down and say to myself "myself why in the hell don't ya clean this place up?Huh?"

Then I start to laugh, and say to myself "Myself look at all the extra calories you get to burn by stepping over that winch on the floor?"
" And look at the extra work you give your legs when ya trip over that scrap iron and have to jump to keep from falling down?"

So, boys and girls, the lesson here is ----sometimes ya got to work to find that silver lining in life , but it can be done. Ya got to love it! I got some things done and burned some calories and had a laugh too!!

Another lesson here and also a BLESSING for me is, I am damn sure glad I have a place and a way of life where I can do some work and burn some calories at the same time without having to go to the gym or jog aimlessly down the road. Hot Damn I got it going on!! I pity those poor souls that live in an apartment in the city where the sky is grey and the neighbors don't speak.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
It is hard for folks to look at yer ass and read yer mind.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Howdy from the land of fleas and snails!

Man alive, we got snails ,millions of them, fleas too. I have never seen snails like we have this year.

Focus is the subject of my post today. Focus is a kinda squishy thing for me. Just about the time I get a good grip on it , it seems to squeeze thru my fingers. Along the path that I have been traveling I have noticed the length of time I am able to hold my focus on my journey is increasing.

I will keep my eye on the ball for a few weeks , see success, and after a while I tend to sit back and watch the last shot. Then Focus flies right by me.

I guess my focus is tied to long ingrained habits. Habits that are set after years and years, decades really, of poor choices. I suppose it will take years and years to change the need to FOCUS into just another habit.But hell, it has almost been two years since my journey began. July 1 ,2008 is where my FOCUS started and I can promise I will not loose FOCUS before July 1 , 2010.

If you are having trouble getting a handle on FOCUS --- admit where you are at (call the problem),decide where you want to be (set the goal), come up with a method (get off you ass and get a plan) and then FOCUS ( implement).Sounds simple?

It is simple, not easy. If it was easy the whole world would look like a cast from Bay Watch!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
A habit is a habit, and a habit you can break.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Active weekend

Howdy from the land of planted grasses and installed windows!

Yep, Janet and her helper finished planting all the grass for this year and I got the last two windows installed in the old house. Hot damn but we had an active weekend. We worked like a couple of Missouri mules.

My Caltrac showed 2094 Active calories burned and 6059 total calories burned over the weekend. That ain't bad. Plus Sunday alot of the calories it recorded were me climbing up and down the ladder and lifting the nail gun and hammer.

All in all, we had an active weekend and made real good food choices.We went to Chili's Saturday at lunch with Tessa and I had a wonderful salad with pineapple and dry cheeries, man it was good but wore off in 3 hours.I have also been drinking more water and less diet cokes for several days while the heat is 95+ and humidity is 80%.

Well, I think I have a good start for the week , back to work, Full Pak Trac, Tuna and an apple. Get out of the way, here I go-----ya can't get it , ya can't stay!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
I am a much better judge of people than Janet, why?, simple----she picked me BUT I picked her.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Howdy from the land of heat and let's see? HEAT !

Man it was hot the last few days! Hot enough to melt the paint right off the house.

My retired squeeze Janet drove the tractor and I sat on the planter and planted 19 acres of Alicia grass Tuesday and Wednesday and we really got hot, sweaty and worn out ----Grandpa always said ---poor folks got poor ways. But we got 98% of the grass planted and last night it rained.

And on top of all that fun we got some good exercise riding on the tractor, I know because we both got sore muscles.

I got a couple of exercise suggestions on my last post from Muata and I am tweaking my June Cycle accordingly. Get out of the way if ya see me coming , I don't want to run anybody over but I got places to go and people to see.

I had to laugh at one line in Muata's comment----he said my exercise was too ambitious for a feller my age-----MY AGE ! Young kid like him ought to have more respect for his elders!! LOL I love it!!if it wasn't for having 70 year old knees I would feel like let see-----55 again. LOL I just feel great.

Let's go walk on the track----Full Pak Trac----93 degrees, if ya can't get it ya can't stay!!

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Keep your fences horse high,pig tight and bull strong.