Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's here

Howdy from the land of bright sunny skies!

Well, it is here, yes sir summer has arrived! The thermometer has hit 96 and the sweat is rolling from the top of my bald head right down my back bone to my socks.

I sure enjoy the last lap on the track at lunch. Today my pack will be full again and by the last lap everything is warmed up and lose. The sweat is got a real even coat on yours truly and my mind knows the day has been good.

I have been reading about all the methods folks have for burning calories---weights---running---swimming---dancing---walking---hell even some promote having sex for calorie consumption. The best method I think there is ---that is the one I will do. What ever I will do on any given day is the best. If I don't like it , chances are I won't do it. If I hate to start the task, I just naturally won't do it for very long or very often.

One of the group on the track at lunch told me she HATES jogging! She told me that while she was jogging. I asked her why she was there and she said she was trying to lose weight. NO I did not ask her if she ever tried having sex to lose weight! I did ask if she ever tried walking, she said It did not burn enough calories. I told her to come out tomorrow and she could wear my 40 pound vest and see if that would help. I hope she tries it---it might make her like jogging a little more!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful rain

Howdy from the land of spring showers and croaking frogs!

We have been blessed this month with three nice rains that total 4 inches.Man, I am here to tell ya we are blessed. The grass is green and the cows are happy.

My journey is easing right along. I continue to add weight to my vest and the only problem I have is these old flat feet. I have been getting arch supports and different shoes and someday it is not so bad. All in all, it is "Get the hell out of the way, I am coming thru"!

It never ceases to amaze me how much information comes across my brain everyday about weight loss and nutrition. You would think that with all the really smart people out there and Michelle and Barrack to guide us toward utopia we would not have an Obesity problem in this country. Take it from me, most of this advice is useless as a mud sandwich! Most of this advice is geared in the end to selling me something. Most of this advice is really an infomercial.

Like I said in my last post , it ain't the Twinkie's fault.

I picked up a Snickers candy bar yesterday---nope I did not eat it. But it said on the label it was 330 calories. So, if I eat one for breakfast, lunch and supper I consume 990 calories plus what ever I drink. that might not be "healthy" but I bet ya I lose weight.

I guess what I'm getting at is ,don't spend too much time with the mud sandwich, use some common sense. Eat real food---real food---food that is not processed and pressed out. Eat food that you could harvest with a stick ---be it meat, nut or plant. If you don't have time to cook, eat it raw. Eat real food. And NO BIG BOY a Twinkie ain't REAL FOOD.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
Try not to grocery shop where you fill up your car.