Thursday, July 30, 2009

The last twenty?

Howdy from the land of painted buntings and garden spiders!

Well now , I have been thinking of the time when I would use this title on a post. I just couldn't hardly wait for this time to come around.

About 18 months ago I had my physical with my doctor. I talked to him about my weight and asked just what his opinion was.He told me:
#1 I needed to lose weight----DUH!
#2 I was not the kinda person who would want to go the gastric surgery route---Ya Think!
#3 The gastric surgery route still depended on a person "changing" their life style--I Agree!
#4 In his opinion, I should try something along the line of Weight Watchers to make that "change"---Crap!
#5 He suggested I try to lose 25-30 pounds to start and then I would be encouraged to continue--No Problem!

I told him that it was not a trick to lose 25-30 pounds.I have been there and done that 4-5 times.What I wanted to know is how (or maybe IF)I could lose the last twenty pounds.He asked which twenty that would be. I told him I did not know but I guess I would see it when I got there---IF I COULD GET THERE. On the way home and for several months--hell even to this day I am asking myself----which is THE LAST TWENTY??

On 7-25-09 I weighed 223.0 and like I said the other day I have bounced around this month quite a bit.On 7-31-09 I am at 221.4 pounds of energy and enthusiasm.But , despite the bouncing around I feel I am now solidly under 225.

Now this puts me 83.6 pounds of fat I have lost since this trip began. My goal is to get to 205 pounds before the end of the year. This will put me having lost 100 pounds of lard. I think this is a worthy goal and one that I can achieve.

So again I ask is this THE LAST TWENTY?

At this point I really don't know if this is the last twenty, but I do know it is the last twenty I need to lose in order to get down to 205. And when that happens ( notice I did not say IF) it will be great. I will not be thru with the trip for I fear the hard part will just be starting----but that will be my cross to bear.

Right now I remain focused on a mark.Right now I see a trip to California to shake a mentor's hand.Right now I see a light hearted Cowboy from Texas saying good job into the mirror.

Stay with me until the next intersection on the Fat Loss highway, what a ride we will have!

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
The best sermons are lived not preached.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation is over

Howdy from the land of sharp knives and hard working folks!

Well , I had backed off my practice routine in July some because of some back pain.I am still walking the Full Pak Trac at work, now carrying 24 pounds in my vest. I am also walking 3-4 nights a week on the treadmill.Well the vacation is over, back to work time.

With the end of the month approaching us as fast as shit going thru a goose, I plan on stepping up my calorie burn a notch in August.I am going back to doing some body weight exercises in addition to my walking. I will add push ups,squats,stickups,bicycle crunches,inverted rows,planks and hip extensions.I hope to do these 3-4 times a week.July has been kinda an idle month , I have bounced around weight wise.It looks like I will be down a couple of pounds for the month.but , hey a loss ,is a loss.

Anyway, the month of August can't be any hotter and dryer than July so I might as well reach and get it.Like ole Art used to tell us ---if ya can't get it, ya can't stay.

I will see what my final weight for July is on Friday and let you know where I'm at.

Pearl of Wisdom form the mind of WEL
Live simply and appreciate what you got.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Streetcar named Desire

Howdy from the land of dusty fields and gold fish ponds!!

We have had a gold fish pond for about a year. Just an old tin cattle trough with 4 gold fish and 3 koi.Well this summer we decided we would get a bigger one and move the fish.We did and it gets more sun and it grew more algae. The water turned green and we have struggled for 2 months to try to get it clear.We kept researching and asking questions and educating ourselves until---wham---clear water.

Now we can see the bottom on the pond and watch the fish swim around. It is really nice.I have always enjoyed water.We even have some baby fish.

What does this have to do with fat loss? The desire---we had the desire to have a nice pond.It did not just happen, it did not come right out of the box or thru the drive in window.From the desire came research and education. From that came the way we worked toward the clear water. Then came the goal, a pretty nice pond that is fun to see.

Call the problem,ask for the solution,devise the method, achieve the answer.

Fat loss it the same, I guess most everything we do can follow the same steps.

My fat loss streetcar is named DESIRE.The method I have devised is my cross to bear. But I will tell anyone out there, the journey is well worth the effort. The results , while apparent for others to see,are for me.Without me feeling the way I do about this trip, I can not be the person others need me to be.

While this trip has had it's ups and downs, if I go back and look at every Thursday in my day book or every 3rd.Monday in my day book I see a steady fat loss. Sometimes it is not as much as I wanted but some loss was there.

Get on the streetcar with me , you know you should and I know you can. Hell I got on so any body can.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Life is simpler if ya plow around the stump.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Atta boy

Howdy from the land of straw hats and Diet Mountain Dew!!

Man it is hot around here!!It's hotter than a nanny goat in a pepper patch.

I am still enjoying my walking even if it is hot, because I do know how to sweat. I kinda look like a sprinkler---a big one.

I have had several folks ,lately,tell me how impressed they are with my fat loss. This really makes ya feel good. Praise and recognition are great. All of us need this from time to time.I am no exception.Today however a good friend of mine took the time out at a luncheon meeting to tell me that he had been meaning to let me know how impressed he is with my fat loss.And he said he knew it had taken a hell of an effort because he had lost a good amount years ago,but not to my extent.The compliment really made me feel great.I like , as we all do , the ATTA BOY.

I think we should all tell more folks around us ATTA BOY more. We should all be more encouraging of others.I know I should tell people this more.I have thought about it and then not said anything (for whatever reason) and the chance passes away.

I plan on working on encouraging others in their efforts.

Also , at our meeting, another friend that had given me an ATTA BOY last week told me he had started reading Muata's site and also my little blog. He said he had ordered a Caltrak but was struggling with portion size/control.I encouraged him to read more on these sites and keep working at it . I know he can do it, he can succeed, he is worth it.

Gary---ATTA BOY!!

I did not get a chance to walk today at lunch , so tonight I will encourage myself do burn some extra calories in some other form-----ATTA BOY!

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
It is a whole lot easier to pull a chain than it is to push one.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Howdy from the land of water lilies and leopard frogs!

For a couple of weeks now I have been mulling over something a fella told me.He said the reason he smokes (when I was telling what a stupid habit that was)was because it keeps him sober. He said he has been sober for three years.I guess he has(had)a drinking problem. Anyway he said smoking keeps him sober----horseshit, is what I say.

I think HE keeps himself sober.The smoking is just an excuse, just a crutch.It is kinda like eating yourself into morbid obesity in order to keep from smoking. Or eating to keep from being depressed. Or eating in order to cope with the perils of everyday life----horseshit is what I say.

These are all excuses---and I have had my fair share of excuses.When it comes right down to it all that matters is -- am I gonna let my excuses run(ruin)my life? Or am I gonna grow up and throw the excuses out the window and admit I am worth taking control of my life and make sensible choices.

Everyone makes excuses, I am no exception.I will continue to make excuses but I think I must be honest with myself about how many,what kinds and how they effect my health.

I don't really know how many calories a excuse has in it but if ya put enough of the dang things together they can kill ya.

Keep watching to see if I can make fewer excuses along the road.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain Dance.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surrender and Apathy

Howdy from the land of blue gill perch and mulberry trees!

Will Phillips--aka--The Incredible Shrinking Man said on his blog site ( a good site by the way) that OBESITY = Surrender and Apathy. I could not agree more.

I can remember being depressed and down in the mouth about being fat and lazy. I could just sit and have a regular pity party.Then I could decide to go on and eat another doughnut---why the hell not, I'm already fat, nothing is gonna change.I don't care if I wear 46" pants, I'm OK with it. Inside I am OK---horse shit! I was not OK---I had a damn good case of apathy and I had long since surrendered and was trying my best to rationalize both.


Because to change would be to place all the responsibility and all the accountability on---let's see---ME.Crap---surrender and apathy are the easy choices here boys and girls. The hard part is 20 years down the road, I am still morbidly obese and still can't do squat and I am still here having my little pity party.WHOA is me!!

The road to Fat Loss Valley is not easy, worthwhile?yes, easy no. It can be done,it does not take a rocket engineer, nor a person with the will power of Superman. It does not take a doctor,lawyer,preacher or guidance counselor.All it takes is making up your mind that you no longer want to SURRENDER and you no longer are APATHETIC toward yourself.

I never did like people telling me I can't do something, but I told myself that all the time. I told myself there were reasons beyond my control for my weight.It is easy to solve someone else's problems, harder to solve your own.

I am here to tell ya, don't surrender--start caring about yerself.I did and I am gonna keep it up.

Eat Less Move More

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
You alone can not save the planet, but you can save yourself.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

Howdy from the land of family,friends and Birthday parties!

Yep it is a wonderful life. Great fun took place in the communities of Ezzell and Hope this weekend. Ya see my mother had a birthday party Saturday and I got to have the honor of cookin up some BBQ Friday night. What a grand time we had, I wonder what the poor folks did?

Most all of the family was there and some of my mother's close friends , along with her cousin Betty and Joe and Jack. All in all, we had a fine time and a good visit.

Man could sure have a good time if all he needed to do was travel around the country and celebrate with family and friends.

Well, any way. I have had time to give some thought to my journey and where I am headed from here.I am going to look down the road until I find a sign that says "Bill Weighs 195".

My goal for the month of July is to get as close to 220 pounds without doing any Body Weight Exercises, just walking and shooting my bow.I plan on jumping back on the BWE in August.

So my short range goal is to get to 220 by the end of July.Mid range goal is to get to 205 by year end.Long range goal is to get to 195 before I die.All goals combined =
move more,eat less,be happy,see some sites,talk smart---hehehe what a deal!

Stay with me down the fat loss road, hell who knows maybe I can go on tour or join the fitness carnival some day and travel the world telling my story to everyone.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If a Girl Can Do It

Howdy from the land of summer heat showers and doddle bugs!

Like I said earlier, this week has been a time of reflection on my fat loss journey.In looking back down the road a ways I remembered a thought. It seems now it was a seed in my mind ,kinda like when you get a grass seed in your sock. It is there,you feel it every once in a while, but not all the time. It comes and it goes but you really don't dwell on it for some time.Then it works around and gets in JUST the right spot and BAM there it is and it won't go away.

Well, anyway a couple of years ago I began to really gnaw on the fact that I was morbidly obese---not fat--not big boned--not chunky-------morbidly obese.I have always (it seems) been fat,large,heavy, you name it but something a couple or three years ago got me stuck on thinking more and more about my condition.

It was one of my nieces that planted the seed.

I know several people that had gone down the road of having gastric surgery. And being the weenie that I am, said hell no, not me.

I have a niece that has been heavy most of her life. And while she is a beautiful girl she seemed to gain lots of weight after high school.Then a couple of years ago she lost a bunch of weight. I don't know how much, didn't ask.Never talked to her about how she lost it----strange, I couldn't seem to keep my feet out of my mouth so I just asked around the family kinda quietly rather than talk to her.

Anyway, she lost a large amount of weight and by all accounts lost it by moving more and eating better-----what a damn concept!!

The bottom line was , she looked much healthier,more confident,much more outgoing and more beautiful than ever.I was so impressed with her accomplishment.

AND, I can remember thinking on more than one occasion----if a girl can do that , I ought to be able to do it too!Hell, I am a MAN and I'm tuff.

Now if ya don't like my reasoning, get a grip. But,the seed was planted and I did not even realize it at the time.It was in my mind and given enough time it got in just the right spot and BAM!After awhile the seed got fertilized with my education and the trip began.

Now anyone that needs to lose their fat, need to look no further than me ----because if someone like me can do it----anyone can.Ain't rocket science----eat less/move more.Hell even a girl can do it--LOL

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Free your heart from hatred.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Upside Down

Howdy from the land of squawking crows and singing cicadas !

For sometime , around 6 weeks, I have been having a little lower back problem. Kinda had a pinch in my right hip. Feels like a softball in my butt cheek.It would come and go and go and come.

I cut out using my walking sticks and it helped a little. I slowed up on my Turbulence Exercises and for 3 weeks I have been going to the chiropractor.I got a little relief but no cure.

Last week I borrowed an Inversion Table, one of them tables that ya hang upside down from.It does take some getting use to. It is kinda weird as I am flipping over.I use it after I walk on the treadmill at night. Used it about 6 times so far----and I think I'm cured.My back feels much better now.It really streches me out.

Janet bought me a new day book and I will being setting some goals for the rest of the year this week.I think I will ease back into a full practice routine by the end of the month and give er hell the rest of the year.

Got any goal ideas?

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
Don't want to make any mistakes in life?? Stick yur hands in your pockets and make sounds like a carrot.