Monday, October 31, 2011

Post pounder

Howdy from the land of new fences and weekend projects!

I finally got a few things scratched off my "to do" list this weekend.The past few weekends we have been traveling and generally away from the house.I got a much needed piece of fence built, even though the ground is as hard as a bankers heart. Pounding those tee posts into the ground was a big bunch of work but we got er done. It was really great exercise and in between post I would think that some poor folks pay money to go to the gym while I get to do this for free and enjoy being outside!

So I guess being for ever gym less is a good thing.And like the poem goes--

The wires are running straight and tight
With every post in line
A job you can be proud of
One that stands the test of time

Last week I spoke about having momentum and renewed focus and this weekend was no exception. I ate a whole hell of a lot better. I consumed very few carbs almost no sugar. That makes about 10 days of consistency and I can feel the improvements.

Now between the knee replacement in June until two weeks ago I gained 14 pounds, but it is coming back off now.My goal is to get back to where I was before my next joint overhaul.

One thing for sure, if this next retro fit goes as well as the first one, I 'll really be able to burn some calories when it quits hurting.

This week there is 36 pounds in the vest and IF I go to dancing on the track while I walk maybe I can keep from tripping--LOL

Pearl of Wisdom the Mind of WEL
Guns have only two enemies---RUST and POLITICIANS

Monday, October 24, 2011

2 left feet

Howdy from the land of chuck wagon cook offs and mesquite camp fires!

We had the chance to take in Red Stegall's Cowboy Gathering at the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards this weekend.Man they had a crowd show up for that event.A grand time was had by all.

Today I was just a boogiety boogieing around the track at lunch. I had 32 pounds in my vest and I was moving at a right fine clip. One of the joggers was coming up behind me and she wears a Walkman/Ipod/Music Box of some kind. Well, she does not wear ear phones so I can hear the music when she gets real close. Now I don't have real keen hearing so I always walk by myself, so I don't have to try to listen to folks jabber( and I'm slow).Anyhow, here she comes and the music just a humming.So, what does smart ass do??I did what any self respecting show off would do----I point both index fingers out to the side and start dancing and walking----grooving, I tell ya. And then it happened, she starts laughing, I start laughing and both my left feet go to the same place on the track at the same damn time!

The smart ass did not bust his ass, but he gave her something to laugh about. She was still laughing when she came back around after passing me.Well, I recovered and managed to survive.

After I got thru laughing at myself I finished my walk without any more adventures.

Being a smart ass continues to get me in a pickle, seems somethings never change.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
ADVENTURE = showing poor judgement and surviving

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Momentum is powerful

Howdy from the land of howling north winds and fleeting ground moisture!

Yep , we got a blowing norther today and it is gonna sap every bit of moisture we caught from the rain 10 days ago. Oh well , that is life.

Since I decided to get the rest of the retrofit done this year,I have had less excuses to get back in the routine. I took to walking with my vest and this week I am up to 32 pounds in it. I also started climbing the stair cases in the building and Friday made 7 flights.

After I made up my mind,I took to moving with a purpose. I caught a little momentum.Now momentum is powerful.Once I get my ass to moving it is easier to keep it moving.The more momentum I can keep rolling the more I want to add. Moving with momentum is kinda like having sex with a widow woman---the more ya do it the more you want to do it.

The old theory that an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest is true. The hardest part to moving with a purpose is to move, then I let momentum take over.

Another powerful tool I have found on this journey is IMAGINATION.If I can imagine myself doing more and feeling better , then I can get there.

So,my momentum is fueling my imagination AND my imagination started the momentum to turn over.Better get the hell out of the way unless you plan on joining me.

I truly hope you join me. The trip is so worth buying the gas!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Look at the top of the mountain and imagine you are there, now take a step.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They bloomed

Howdy from the land of wet sand and cool evenings!

Yes sir, we got a rain Sunday! We were blessed with a strong 2 inches of water falling from the sky, I know it was rain, I had seen it before when I was younger.Grandpa always said "it rains on the just and the un-just alike", I wonder which I am?

Me and Janet went to a little mini class reunion of hers.She graduated the year after I did and we have a pot slew of mutual friends. She has seen most of these folks last year but I had not seen many of them in 30+ years.

Man oh man some of them really bloomed!

It is strange how when you go thru life gaining 6-10 pounds each year you don't shock people that you see everyday. But when you see them after 35 years and they are twice the size of the last time you spoke to them, it becomes an eye opener.

I also noticed the bigger we are the more medical problems and drug prescriptions we have to talk about when we get together.

As someone that has BLOOMED and decided to start pruning myself before it was too late it is sad to know what lies in store for some of these friends.

I was once told "save yourself, you can't save the world". Maybe this is true but it is hard to watch someone that is morbidly obese and not want to try and help them change directions.It is easier after all to tell someone else what they should do than to change myself.

Well, I guess I can keep working on myself and maybe someone will notice and think "if that blind hog can find an acorn, I can too".

See ya down the road!Honk when ya go by!

Oh yea, 2 laps at 28 pounds on the track today!!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Private Property Rights is the basis for freedom and prosperity.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My brand

Howdy from the land of flocks of mourning doves and dusty cows!

I have a brand for my cattle, most folks around here have a brand for theirs.It is how I lay claim to what is mine and keep it separate from what is yours.Brands were/are for the most part designed to be read left to right and top to bottom.Most brands have a meaning if only to the person that designed them. Mine is no exception.

The bottom picture is my gate , with my brand on top. It is above the brand CT which was my Grandfather's brand, because I took over after he was gone. The top picture is a bull named Thanks Joe.You can see my brand on top with L1 underneath, which means Laas #1 bull calf and 03 under that which means 2003, the year the calf was born.

All in all, the brands tell the story.

My brand is two "L"s running in a circle OR "Running in Circle L".Why? Because most of my adult life I have felt I have been running in circles.Not quite getting to where I want to be , but trying none the less. Now, I know this is merely a state of mind or an attitude but it is my state of mind. Seems like sometimes I have been walking uphill forever.

This mind set, in part, comes from having an attitude that I want it now because I deserve it. This has led to more poor choices in my life than I care to admit to.The choices I have made have entwined themselves into my head to the point I have a hard time straightening them out. Them old habits die hard.

I suppose I am not unique in the feeling of taking the old two steps forward and one back routine.And , the best thing is continuing to take those two steps, over and over again.

At any rate, yesterday I walked at the track with 24 pounds in my vest.It was not bad.I plan on adding 4 pounds a week until the vest is full again.

It is time to move this quad muscle into shape again as I have decided to go ahead and get the left knee replaced before the end of the year. December 13th looks good with my deductible being met, let's get er done!

The circle continues---I got to go walk for a couple miles. See ya down the road!

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
When asked "how's the world treating you?" I reply "the world ain't treating me, I pay for what I get".