Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Howdy from the land of scattered cow turds and sprouting seennie beans!

I finally had a good weekend! It seems like a long time since I meshed good calorie burning and good eating habits together over the weekend. This one I did, FINALLY!We stayed busy with yard work Saturday and I worked pretty steady on Sunday dragging down the cow turds to keep the horn fly population down. All in all, , a mighty fine weekend.I ate well both days and woke up Monday morning hungry and not bloated.

I knew if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, I would find the right path again and continue my journey.I believe I found it.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Everyone in this country should thank a cowman---no one ever says "Honey let's go out and celebrate with a big ol chicken breast"---nope--- It's , "let's go get a steak!"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alarm clock mind

Howdy from the land of big ass thunder storms and blowing rain!

Yes sir, what a difference one year makes.This time last year it was DRY,DRY,DRY , cattle prices were LOW,LOW,LOW and Obama was in office. This year we have gotten a 100% improvement on two out of three disasters!

For the past couple of months, I have been going to the Healthplex three times a week before work. It is a pain because I have to get up 1 1/2 hours early drive thru Victoria, take a different route to work and watch my time so I won't be late (I hate being late).Going to the Healthplex in the evening I don't like as it is crowded and I have things to do at home while it is light enough to see.

Now my normal day starts at 5:30. I get up make breakfast for me and my squeeze and leave the house by 6:30---no problem. When I go to the Healthplex I get up at 4:15 and leave the house (Janet fends for herself) and I eat some yogurt for breakfast at work--no problem.

The problem lies in my alarm clock head. Ya see I have never had to set an alarm clock.I look at the clock when I lay down at night and say to myself "myself it is 9:30 and I need to get up at 5:30---bam I wake up around 5:20-30 no problem?right? wrong

Ever since I have been doing this extra practice session for my legs I wake up from 2-3 am. and watch the damn clock until 4:15. It is driving me crazy and wearing my ass out!This morning I said to hell with this. I don't need the aggravation, at 4:10 I said just quit this nonsense and get up at 5:30 and go back to a normal day.Next week I had planned on going back to my regular practice sessions so I am moving that schedule up a week and turning off the malfunctioning alarm clock.

Sleep is important too!

Besides all that, the folks at the Healthplex are about to give me a complex----they look at me like I'm weird when I am riding the bike and singing a cowboy song along with my IPOD---I can not help it if I sound like a cat caught in a dryer! They need to get a grip, I bet they are constipated most of the time.

Pearl of Wisdom form the Mind of WEL
I only hurt myself if I go thru life with a worried mind.

Monday, March 19, 2012

drug company

Howdy from the land of blooming live oak trees and plenty of air borne pollen!

Man oh man, I have had a double bad round of sinus crud. For three weeks I have been running,coughing,sneezing and hacking.The drug companies are in good shape because I have brought and swallowed everything that said "sinus" on it.Today, it feels like I got it beat back some. I guess I better wait for tomorrow to tell for sure.

The legs are getting stronger and my walks getting faster. All in all, I am moving in the right direction again. I feel better than I have in months.I can even do squats without knee pain! How about them apples?

Got to go, it is practice time at the track.

See ya down the road.Wave when you see me, maybe I won't be coughing.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Happiness is born a twin I think.