Friday, August 10, 2012

A month?

Howdy from the land of worn out cowboys and crazy schedules!

Has it been a month since I updated my blog? Damned if it hasn't!

It has been rather busy around my plot for several weeks and I have gone completely crazy, using very little reason and a whole lot of excuses for my schedule. My daughter got hired as a high school assistant principle ( the next step in her career) in a town about 25 miles from where she lived. She put her house on the market,sold it and we moved her furniture ( with a whole lot of help from brother Mac and friend Josh ).Moved her two dogs, both damn cats and Pepper the rabbit---where you ask? our house for now.

Between moving, doing my work and getting older --I am worn out.
But all is not lost, tomorrow is Saturday and I will sleep until 6 or so. I will also get in some good exercise and plan on sitting in the shade of a live oak tree in the afternoon and watch Kolt play.

I bet I will ask myself what the poor folks are doing today?

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
All will be OK, just have more starts than stops. 


  1. You are a good father, Bill!

    I'm glad we both have Live Oaks in the yard! They are a sacred tree.

    Easy keeper too :-)


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