Friday, June 29, 2012


Howdy from the land of combining corn and spraying cotton!

Yes sir, the farmers are in high gear! All they needs is a little time and a few kind words and the harvest will be in full swing.

My feet are sure feeling better. I have been riding my bike and have gotten up to 8 miles a day at lunch.Some days the head winds really kick my ass but in the end that is good. I get a real good sweat going on that bike.With it being hot as a nanny goat in a pepper patch and dry as a popcorn fart, it ain't hard to work up a sweat.A big reason my feet are doing better I think is from the stretching I have been doing.

I try and do some joint mobility stretches that Muata got me into several years ago. Now I have added some feet ,ankle and calf stretches just before bed time. It is working because my feet are not nearly as tight and painful first thing in the morning. Also,I can touch my toes earlier in the day and my ham strings and calves are not as tight and sore--yippee!

Another, thing that is a plus for my feet is my weight is coming down each week and that sure feels better on them dogs. All in all, I am blasting into summer and moving on down the road. The road gets rocky at times but I will complete my journey or die kicking and screaming!

See ya down the road, honk when you go by.

Pearl of Wisdom from the mind of WEL
The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some damn good ideas.


  1. Glad you are doing so well, Bill! Yeah, it's been fry an egg on the tarmac weather here also!

  2. Thanks, we are OK. Cooled down some this weekend and rain to BOOT!

  3. Thanks for being a consistent commenter on my column, Bill! I appreciate your original, creative viewpoints!

  4. You are more than welcome.I appreciate your comments as well.Sometimes I think we complicate things to the point of no return. But that does give a career to the deep thinkers.

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