Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ever adjustable

Howdy from the land of projects and never enough hours!

Success is based on my ability to adjust. When the challenges arise I have to adjust or stop---stopping ain't good. Sometimes it seems the adjustments take some time to work out and this delays the journey. Other times an adjustment will work on the excuse list and after a while that pisses me off. But adjust I can.

It is no secret I got some bad flat feet, flat like a garbage can lid. Well, they have been hurting like a scuba diver in the middle of a Jaws movie for months. I have tried new shoes, tried custom orthopedics,tried this and that and for a day or two I can bear it, then not so much.

Between blisters and cramps and just general pain in the ankles I decided to make one more adjustment.I went to riding my bike this week instead of walking the track. I guess it uses a different set of muscles because my thighs are sore this morning. Like the man said , there is more than one way to skin a cat!

Yesterday I was only able to ride 5 miles at lunch and I am gonna try to increase a mile a day this week---watch out Lance Armstrong!

Now I have read about folks that are driven to one method, one workout, one eating plan---they never seem to slip or stumble.They never seem to have to adjust? I wonder if they are superhuman or just full of crap. I wonder if they just tell the truth when they want to?

This trip is not easy but I think it would be impossible if not for adjustments.

Pearl of Wisdom from the Mind of WEL
Try being nice to someone you don't like, it will worry the crap out of them.


  1. You might want to look into the Hoka One One shoes, Bill. They are designed to help people with serious foot issues and have a good track record or doing that.

  2. I will damn sure look at them, I got 2 serious foot isues--one on each leg!thanks

  3. I will damn sure look at them, I got 2 serious foot isues--one on each leg!thanks

  4. http://hokaoneone-na.com/men_main.html

  5. If you have a lake nearby Bill - try rowing. I did that last year on a fluke and boy what a workout.

    I'm mostly riding my bike for an hour a day and using the ball of my feet to pedal. My knees are ok now - the issue I usually have other than broken wrists/hands when I did a lot of bag work last year.

    No issues in the last few months (knocking on pesudo wood now). :)

  6. John, Good to hear you're doing better.No lake close by but between my bike and the head wind I am getting a real good workout.

  7. I will damn sure look at them, I got 2 serious foot isues--one on each leg!thanks

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